• RE: interfacing AD7450A with lpc1769

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  • ADC of small signals

    Good day,

    I sincerely  appreciate community suggestion in subjected matter.

    The target is to ADC DC voltage that can be in range from -0.15V to +0.15V in harsh environment (work close to internal combustion engine, alternator, igniting units and VHF transmitter…

  • RE: About the AD7450 data sheet in Figure 14

    Hi Mochi,

    The AD7480 in figure 14 of AD7480 Rev A datasheet reads inverted signal while the second circuit, figure 34 of AD7450A Rev D datasheet, encode the signal in phase with the input signal.



  • AD7450: Sample rate estimation (10MHz) and reference voltage

    1. What sample rate is estimated on the AD7450 on a 10MHz clock (driven by the
    FPGA limitation)? 

    2. What is the minimum voltage reference on the part?  I read the spec as 0.3V
    up to VDD on the AD7450A but maybe this can be confirmed for the AD7450…

  • 12 bit ADC, operate at 9V


    Looking for 1-channel differential input and 2-channel single ended 12 bit ADC to be used on my circuit.

    My circuit operates at 9v, any ADI 12bit ADC that can operate at 9V or can I use AD7091R-2/ AD7450A with LDO to step down from 9V?

    Thank y…

  • RE: Difference between pseudo differential and differential ADC

    Hi arocklife,

    Yes, the internal structure of the AD7450 and the AD7451 are very similar. For the purposes of describing the input structure on the datasheet, they are identical. The only difference in the AD7451 Vin- input needs to be tied to a DC input…

  • RE: Selecting a diff. ADC - help

    Hi Avi,

    There are a family of parts that you should look at. There are 10,12 bit options as well as fully differential vs pseudo differential options. Are you saying that your negative input to the ADC is tied to GND - this sounds more like a pseduo…

  • RE: ADC used for single-pulse conversion

    Hi Postino,

    Here are some list of ADC that could be suitable for your application. You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search and put in parameters on the ADC that you wanted to search. Please refer to the link below.