• AD74413R Full scale range clarification

    Hi ,

    As per datasheet Vref is showing 2.5V. But the sensing range for different modes are showing 0 to10V,-2.5V to 2.5V. what is the full scale range for both configuration?

    Also thermocouple showing range of ±104.16 mV . what will be the range for this…

  • AD74413R difference between ADC_SAT_ERR and ADC_CONV_ERR?


    what is the exact difference between SAT_ERR and CONV_ERR?

    In datasheet, both meant to be for out of the setup measurement range.

  • Would you please help to provide EVAL-AD74413R DSN file. Thanks~

    Would you please help to provide EVAL-AD74413R DSN file. Thanks~

  • Recommended Circuit Diagram to interface AD74413R with loop powered 4-20mA sensors

    Dear reader,

    It is not clear to me on the AD74413R datasheet  how to properly connect it to 4 sensors and PSU.

    Can someone please provide a connection diagram with clear connections betwee the AD74413R  and four loop powered 2-wire 4-20mA sensors, and well…


    Please note I'd like to rephrase my question to be more specific and helpful:

    I presume one should control the AD74413R through SPI from the stm32 uC. The AD74413R  c driver is well commented, but It would be outstandingly helpful if example is provided…

  • RE: AD74412RBCPZ unable to communicate with arduino(SPI)

    Hi Ankit, 

    No, there is no firmware or bootloader on the AD74413R. You should be able to communicate with it directly. 

    Do you think there is a possibility that the board was also damaged previously? 

    Were you able to confirm all of the supply voltages listed…

  • RE: AD74413 and STM32

    Hi Dmitry,

    based on the information you told me, I can suggest you, that you need to consider following:

    From datasheet is obvious that SPI read process of AD7124 is completely different from AD74413.

    Key differences are how SPI access, especially during…

  • RE: ad74413R:Queries


    1. The current Input loop powered range is 0 to 25mA


    The Current INput Loop powered & externally powered functions come with a selectable additional input impedance to ensure that a minimum of 240Ohm is achieved to be compliant with the HART spec…

  • RE: AD7770 ADC Error


    I'm sorry. I'm kind of confuse with the question and the title. Are you referring to AD7770 or AD74413R? Please advise so we can refer to the right support on this. 



  • RE: AD7770-Query

    Hi Jellenie,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    1. For AD7770, can i get a timing calculation or formula like how much time it will take for Sigma delta ADC conversion and read through SPI. Assuming 2ksps.

    For AD74413R it is mentioned in detail.