• RE: EVAL-AD74413R Query

    Hi Abishek,

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    1. In the Configure Tab, select sensors & Current Input Externally Powered and hit apply. In the register Tab, enable the comparator in register 0x09 (Digital Input Config). Set the treshold to AVDD/2 by…

  • RE: AD74413R Circuit implementation

    Hi Monisha,

    Apologies for the delayed response, I have been on vacation. 

    In the proposal above, try setting it in Voltage Input mode. Once the channel is configured write to the ADC_Config register (0x05) to change ADC_MUX to "01". This will ensure that…

  • RE: AD74413R example of "spi_write_and_read" function body in AD74413.c file


    Have you been in touch with the MikroE support team for help with the click? They may be able to help with the issues you are having. I am not familiar with the software environment or hardware for the MikroE product so it might be helpful to get…

  • AD74413R error margin in voltage input mode


    I configured the AD-SWIO 2 Click Channel A as voltage input, I've put 5V as voltage input between the screw terminals. When I read data from the READ_SELECT register, and apply the equation on the datasheet page 34, the result is around 4.6V, is…

  • AD74413R ADC ERROR


    Kindly share the Offset drift,gain drift, PSRR of AD74413R for analog input and voltage input

    Also please let me know by using internal and external reference how rthe accuracy got effected?

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    Monisha OM

  • AD74413R Driver Documentation


    Is there any documentation for the C++ driver that is available for download for the AD74413R?


  • Using AD74413R with AD5700

    Hi! I want to use software configurable I/O IC in PLC solution. I watn to integrate HART modem in my Analog input/output module and use it on 4-20mA. Datasheet say that AD74413R compalabe with HART, but there is no use cases. Does anyone know the options…

  • AD74413R - Current Input, Loop Powered Mode

    • In Voltage output mode of operation, a positive current indicates that the AD74413R is sinking the current. so please correct if in below statement
      +25mA sink current path is I/OP_x --> Rsense --> VIOUTN_x --> into AD74413R through AVSS

    • How…