• AD74412R

    i wanna know the supply current for AVDD,DVCC,IOVDD. Where i can calculate or find value that current? 

    A datasheet give me information about the supply quiescent currents.

  • RE: AD74412R non-OS driver Sample Code.

    Hi ,

    I looked up on our website and it seems ADI offers the driver in what we call the old format, meaning an archive with the driver.

    no-OS project currently doesn't include the driver you mentioned and also doesn't provide a project for it so you…

  • AD74412R The external FET


      I want to use AD74412R  with an optional external FET that the Table 27 in the datasheet show recommended part is FDC5614P (P channel mosfet).

      However, the reference circuit in Figure 34,35,36,37,38,39,41 shows the mosfet is N-ch.  

     Is the part number…

  • Linux Driver for AD74412R Device


    We have designed a PLC system with the AD74412R chipset and is running Linux .

    I am not able to locate the Linux driver for this chipset in the https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-drivers-all

    Can some one help in providing me the…

  • AD74412R Current INput Configuration


    Using AD74412R for the one of the application for 4-20mA current input ,  will the FET required when using in Current Input configuration that is driven by the CASCODE pin.   The application diagram  is depicting the FET?

  • AD74412R在linux下的driver问题



    Please note I'd like to rephrase my question to be more specific and helpful:

    I presume one should control the AD74413R through SPI from the stm32 uC. The AD74413R  c driver is well commented, but It would be outstandingly helpful if example is provided…

  • The “X” Factor

    Tell Simon Cowell to call off his lawyers, we’re not talking about that X-factor. Today’s blog is about X the unknown.*

    Imagine trying to navigate a curving road hugging a mountainside at night without headlights or a full moon to light your…