• AD7415 I2C


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer give us a question. There is a MOSFET inside SDA pin of AD7415. On the other hand, is there NO MOSFET inside SCL pin of AD7415? According to Table 3, we couldn't see Open-drain output about SCL as follows.

  • IBIS model for AD7415


    My customer use AD7415 for wireless application and  requests IBIS model of AD7415ARTZ-0500RL7.
    Would you provide IBIS model?

    Thanks and regards,

  • AD7415 I2C again


    Could anyone help my question of below link instead of Karen who is located philippines where is critical situation due to COVID-19?  Our customer is waiting for it.




  • AD7415 Absolute Maximum Ratings 

    Hi all,

    Here is the Absolute Maximum Ratings in the datasheet at AD7415,
    SDA Input Voltage to GND : −0.3 V to +7 V
    SCL Input Voltage to GND : −0.3 V to +7 V

    This means that SDA & SCL are not related to VDD ?

    "−0.3 V to VDD + 0.3 V" is correct ?…

  • AD7415: Long-term stability data

    I would appreciate if you could send me the information concerning the
    long-term stability of AD7415 temperature sensor.


    Unfortunately we don’t have any long term stability information on file for
  • AD7091R-5 and AD7415 SDA, SCL


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer connect AD7091R-5, AD7415 and others with I2C interface in the system. When the system is powered off, both SCL and SDA are into LOW. His end-user suspects that there is an IC in his circuit that pulls those signals…

  • AD7415: ESD protection of SDA and SCL pins


    The AD7415 have I2C interface (SDA and SCL).

    Do these pins implement ESD protection?

    Also please tell me the equivalent circuit.


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  • How Can AD7415 device transients think it is a wrong I2C address?

    I have an embedded application using AD7415-0 part.   I have 4 instances (in perhaps 2000 devices) where temp sensor stopped responding it I2C commands.   Probing on the I2C command from the master, it all looks good.   On 3 of the 4 devices, power cycling…

  • twi interfacing problem....


    i am using AD7415 temperature sensor in floating mode of AS. i followed the instructions as per the hard ware reference to interface  an i2c device(AD7415). but it was not generating clock. following attachment consists C code. i am using core clock…

  • AD7405-1 no ack on second Byte..

    Hi All,


    I'm using a AD7415-1 (I2C interface) and the timing it at 5usec or 200KHz clock.

    After power up (aprox 1second) I'm not able to setup the AD7415-1 correctly.


    Following the datasheet information I'm starting by seting up the Configuration…