• AD74111


  • AD74111 Data


    I have developed a board using the AD74111 and am  using it in 16Bit Data mode, see the setup registers below:

    The problem I seem to be having is that every second word is 32,255 (0x7DFF) This is the data that I get from my 127 word buffer when recording…

  • AD74111: VIN pin


    Our customer want to know that VIN pin of the AD74111 has ESD protection circuit or not.

    There are no information about that on the data sheet.

    Please let me know if you have any information

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  • AD74111: How to interface

    I've looed at the AD74111 AUDIO CODEC, and I didn't understand few things:
    1) What is the digital output level (TTL, RS232 or something else)

    2) How can you program the AD74111?

    3) Is there an evaluation board or a demo board…
  • AD74111 initial sequence

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I'm using AD74111 on my design but it doesn't have any digital data out when I send analog input signal to AD74111.

    I check AD74111's datasheet, It seems the defaulted setting of register A is 00h which means ADC is off.

  • Codec ad74111 interface

    Good morning.

    Happy new year for all of YOU.

    I am fighting to have the codec AD74111 to work. I have prepared something like the AD7311 which

    has been working successfully before. Actually the setting for the sport are identical.

    I have verified on…

  • AD74111 ADC High Pass Filter ?

    Hi all,

    In the datasheet Table VIII. Control Register C [0] , what is the "ADC High Pass Filter" ?

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  • AD74111 VIN Absolute Maximum Ratings ?

    Hi all,

    How about is the VIN  Absolute Maximum Ratings ?

    Is it correct, –0.3 V to AVDD + 0.3 V ?

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  • AD74111 ADC/DAC digital code

    Hi all,

    Our customer will start to design the circuit with AD74111.

    Please let me know if my understanding is correct.


    Both DAC & ADC,

    0dBFS = 0.5 V rms/1.414 V p-p ?


    ADC output digital code,

    000001 = –1 dBFS is 1.414 V p-p * 0.891…

  • Design review of AD74111 with OP275

    Hi All,

    My customer is designing an audio circuit for PCM data output ,such as voice signal, based on AD74111 EVB.

    But, She has no experiance with this application and therefor is not sure about the circuit she designed.

    She would like to check if there…