• AD7403

    What is the quiescent current for the AD7403 (clocks not running)

  • AD7403

    Do I need to connect power to both Vdd1 pins, Pin 1 and Pin7?

  • AD7403: FAQs


    Why has the power consumption of the AD7403 increased when compared to the AD7401A? 17mA typical at 20MHz and Vdd1 = 5.5V for the AD7401A and 42mA typical for the same conditions for the AD7403


    There are a few factors to consider that…

  • AD7403: CSA rating


    The VDE Viorm = 1250 Vpeak reinforced isolation rating for the AD7403 is much higher than the CSA reinforced rating of 415 Vrms (586 Vpeak). Why is this the case?


    Different regulatory bodies such as VDE and CSA have different criteria…

  • Decimation with AD7403

    If I average  a large number, say 100,000 values from the AD7403 can I get better than the 14 ENOBs ?

    Is there a limit?

  • AD7403 Input range

    The data sheets specifies a full scale range of +/-320mV but all the specifications are rated with an input signal of only +/-250mV. Why?

  • About AD7403 spec

    Hi there,

    I have a question about AD7403,  New Isolation ADC.

    Does AD7403  improve analog specs compared to AD7401A?

    What are the highlights of  AD7403 compared to AD7401A?

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  • EVAL-AD7403-8FMCZ


    The customer has a question.

    They found EVAL-AD7403FMCZ user guide. But they couldn't find out EVAL-AD7403-8FMCZ user guide.

    I guess EVAL-AD7403-8FMCZ would be the Eval board for AD7403-8BRIZ.

    Could you let me know how to get the user guide…

  • AD7403 design schematic


    Would to design AD7403 for current sense form Motor stage, so far I found the application schematic form AD7401, please see the below screen in black area that design for noise fitter and signal protection. Does it necessity??

    the specificat…

  • AD7403: clock loss and restart

    Does AD7403(-EP) supports a temporary loss of MCLKIN without power loss ?

    When the clock restarts without power cycle, does the IC behave nominally (as if it has just been powered on) ?