• AD7402 layout


    If there is any gerber data or document about PCB layout of AD7402, could you give me it ?

    We would like to refer its data because of designing.



  • AD7402 About internal block Diagram


    I have a question about AD7402.

    I would appreciate it if you could give me an answer.

    In evaluating the AD7402
    I want to understand the internal structure and learn the principle of conversion.

    A similar product from Texas Instruments is the AMC1303…

  • AD7402 LabVIEW source code


    Can anyone provide the LabVIEW source code for the AD7402?

    I am student and I want to read the output data of the ADC with LabVIEW FPGA, but I don't understand the Verilog code example from the datasheet to implement the digital filter and decimation…

  • LabVIEW source code to read AD7402


    Can anyone help me with the LabVIEW  FPGA source code to the AD7402 ADC.

    I tried to develop it myself without success.

  • AD7402 common-mode transient immunity specification

    Hi All,

    The data sheet of AD7402 stated that High common-mode transient immunity: >25 kV/µs.

    Could you provide me the test setup and test data of this specification?

    What criteria is applied to determine the >25kV/us value?

    Could you provide…

  • (AD740*)What is the difference between AD7400 & AD7401 & AD7402 &AD7403?

    Hi !

    Our customer have interesting in AD740*.

    And they want know what is the difference between AD7400 & AD7401 & AD7402 & AD7403.

    Can you explain the difference?

    AD7401 is AD7400 external clock version.

    AD7403 is AD7402 external clock…

  • RE: Bitstream from EVAL-CED1Z

    Hi mhay,

    Sorry for the delay.

    The AD7402 is not a released product yet but eval boards can be ordered. EV-AD7402-8FMCZ-U2 is the order code. This is an 8-pin version.

    When the software is downloaded there is a button to click on in the Configure Tab…

  • RE: 有没有4-20mA转化为0-5V电压,并且带隔离的芯片


    5kV rms 隔离误差放大器






  • How can the FGPA from the SDP-H1 be reconfigured?

    The user guide (UG-502) of the SDP-H1 states that it is possible to configure the FPGA but I can't find any details on how to do that. Can you please provide more information?

    I'm using the SPD-H1 together with the EVAL-AD7402. This works fine but…

  • Watchdog of AD740x  series


    Coudl you teach me about the output logic level when the VDD1 of AD740x is off ?

    VDD1 supply rarely  off  at fault condition of power circuit in our customer's circuit.


    AD7400 and AD7401 datasheet P.1 says  that these devices include…