• LabVIEW source code to read AD7402


    Can anyone help me with the LabVIEW  FPGA source code to the AD7402 ADC.

    I tried to develop it myself without success.

  • AD7402 About internal block Diagram


    I have a question about AD7402.

    I would appreciate it if you could give me an answer.

    In evaluating the AD7402
    I want to understand the internal structure and learn the principle of conversion.

    A similar product from Texas Instruments is the AMC1303…

  • RE: AD7402 LabVIEW source code


    Apologies for missing this item. However, we don't have an available sample LabVIEW code that can be provided. 

    There is only this sample drivers available for this part that you can as a starting point in LabVIEW. Please refer to this link below…

  • RE: AD7402 common-mode transient immunity specification

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • AD7402 layout


    If there is any gerber data or document about PCB layout of AD7402, could you give me it ?

    We would like to refer its data because of designing.



  • (AD740*)What is the difference between AD7400 & AD7401 & AD7402 &AD7403?

    Hi !

    Our customer have interesting in AD740*.

    And they want know what is the difference between AD7400 & AD7401 & AD7402 & AD7403.

    Can you explain the difference?

    AD7401 is AD7400 external clock version.

    AD7403 is AD7402 external clock…

  • RE: 有没有4-20mA转化为0-5V电压,并且带隔离的芯片


    5kV rms 隔离误差放大器






  • RE: Bitstream from EVAL-CED1Z

    Hi mhay,

    Sorry for the delay.

    The AD7402 is not a released product yet but eval boards can be ordered. EV-AD7402-8FMCZ-U2 is the order code. This is an 8-pin version.

    When the software is downloaded there is a button to click on in the Configure Tab…

  • Watchdog of AD740x  series


    Coudl you teach me about the output logic level when the VDD1 of AD740x is off ?

    VDD1 supply rarely  off  at fault condition of power circuit in our customer's circuit.


    AD7400 and AD7401 datasheet P.1 says  that these devices include…

  • How can the FGPA from the SDP-H1 be reconfigured?

    The user guide (UG-502) of the SDP-H1 states that it is possible to configure the FPGA but I can't find any details on how to do that. Can you please provide more information?

    I'm using the SPD-H1 together with the EVAL-AD7402. This works fine but…