• RE: DC current shunt monitor for upto 250 VDC loop

    Hi Jatin,

    The AD7400A and the AD7401A parts are our parts that are targeted at shunt current monitor applications.

    They accept signals in the +/-250mV range and have in-built isolation based on ADIs iCoupler technology.

    The output of the AD7400A and…

  • RE: Signal isolation on the FMCMOTCON1

    FMCMOTCON1 provides electrical isolation between the FPGA and the power stage.

    The components used to provide electrical isolation are:

         - ADuM7640 for digital signals

         - AD7401A for analog signals

         - ADuM500 for power supplies

  • RE: ad7401 discussion

    Hi Johnny ,

    Thxs a lot.  I am tring to develop a simple Bus functional model for AD7401A in order to test my design . I have few silly doubts could you please clarify me .

    From the Page 1 of AD7401A data sheet there is a functional block diagram.

  • RE: 参加ADI电机驱动有奖问答,赢取蓝牙音箱及精美ADI笔记本(第三波)

    ADSP-CM40x提供 全sinc滤波器,可实现与隔离式Σ-Δ调制器(AD7400A / AD7401A) 的直接接口,可用于分流检测系统架构中。

  • 混合信号处理器新标杆ADSP-CM40x在电机控制中的应用

    混合信号处理器新标杆ADSP-CM40x在电机控制中的应用 by ADIForum


    伺服与电机驱动器设计人员需要高度精确的闭环控制以改进产品的能效和性能。全新ADSP-CM40x 系列混合信号控制处理器集成嵌入式双通道16位ADC,精度高达14位,同时还集成240 MHz浮点ARMRegistered CortexTm-M4处理器内核…

  • AD7401

    Hi ,

    I have a question here.I was just going through the AD7401A data sheet. And trying to implement the second order delta modulator. From the Page 14 of the AD7401A data sheet theere is a statement saying that "

    The analog input signal is continuously…

  • RE: High voltage measurement

    JMGL: Looking at the your description of your application, I think it is important that the resistor divider you use has a high resistance so that it does not consume too much power and cause drift in resistance value.  In the response from Nicola to use…

  • RE: medical ADC isolation

    Hi Natanel,

    The internal clock on the AD7400 and AD7400A is used to clock the converter internally and also to allow the user to clock out the data bits from the modulator into an FPGA for example or other receiving device.

    This clock typically runs…

  • RE: 混合信号处理器新标杆——ADSP-CM40x全接触





  • ADW70015Z-0RL vs AD7401AYRWZ?

    Is ADW70015Z-0RL the same part as AD7401AYRWZ?