• AD7401A

    Hi there,

    I have a question about the isolated-ADC

    Currently AMC1305Mx(CMOS) is used on the board.

    It looks like AD7401A is pin-compatible with it.

    Are there any concerens when we will replace AMC1305Mx with AD7401A?

    I noticed that pin1 is a bit…

  • AD7401A

    Hi there,

    I evaluate the AD7401A with a shunt resistor (Vishay PG CSM3637 - 2mohm) as a current sensor for a multilevel-inverter design in each phase.

    From the datasheet, figure 23 I have learned the the potential on VIN- of the AD7401A should normaly…

  • About AD7401A

    Hi there,


    I have a question about AD7401

    Is it okay to connect Pin4  to GND?

    If it's connect to GND, what would happen?

    *According to the datasheet, it says Pini4 to 6 treated as NC(Non connect)


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  • Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator AD7401A

    Hi ,

    I have a question here.I was just going through the AD7401A data sheet. And trying to implement the second order delta modulator. From the Page 14 of the AD7401A data sheet theere is a statement saying that "

    The analog input signal is continuously…

  • Isolation with AD7401A in high noise environment

    I'm considering use of a AD7401A for isolated DC link voltage measurement in a several hundred kW inverter.  Part specifications appear suitable, but the small signal range has me concerned, particularly considering the noisy environment it will operate…

  • Using AD7401A with SINC4 Filter with Decimation Factor 128?

    In order to increase the bandwitdh and the SNR of the acquired data we would like to use a SINC4 Filter with a decimation factor 128 instead of a SINC3 Filter with a decimation factor 256. With these measures we hope to increase the bandwidth to 150 kHz…

  • AD7401A full input voltage range vs. analog input voltage absolute rating


    I think all is in the title : how is it possible to have a full scale analog input voltage range of +/-320mV with an analog input voltage absolute rating of -0.3V to VDD1+0.3V ?

    How can I protect the analog input of the ADC without distortion of…

  • RE: DC current shunt monitor for upto 250 VDC loop

    Hi Jatin,

    The AD7400A and the AD7401A parts are our parts that are targeted at shunt current monitor applications.

    They accept signals in the +/-250mV range and have in-built isolation based on ADIs iCoupler technology.

    The output of the AD7400A and…

  • About AD7403 spec

    Hi there,

    I have a question about AD7403,  New Isolation ADC.

    Does AD7403  improve analog specs compared to AD7401A?

    What are the highlights of  AD7403 compared to AD7401A?

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  • AD7403: FAQs


    Why has the power consumption of the AD7403 increased when compared to the AD7401A? 17mA typical at 20MHz and Vdd1 = 5.5V for the AD7401A and 42mA typical for the same conditions for the AD7403


    There are a few factors to consider that…