• Watchdog of AD740x  series


    Coudl you teach me about the output logic level when the VDD1 of AD740x is off ?

    VDD1 supply rarely  off  at fault condition of power circuit in our customer's circuit.


    AD7400 and AD7401 datasheet P.1 says  that these devices include…

  • RE: ADC evaluation board choose

    Hi Yake,

    I have attached a list of some of the ADCs that fit your criteria of 2MSPS sampling rate or higher at resolution of 12bits or more.

    You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search (http://www.analog.com/ps/psthandler…

  • RE: ADC 12/14BIT, >2mS/S, Parallel digital interface

    Hi Meir,

    You may  want to check the ADI website and do a parametric search to filter the product display  base form your recommended specification.


    Here are some ADCs that might help  you start with, kindly see attched file.

  • medical ADC isolation


    I would like to read temperature from thermistor connected to catheter (medical device)

    using the following thermistor P12358CT-ND, THERMISTOR NTC 10K OHM 5% 0201

    MCU is arduino uno board

    after reading I found the AD7400 and  AD7400A and have a…

  • RE: High-side current sensing at 120V

    Hi Benrd,

    have you looked at the AD8212?, If you can affort to "burn" some bias current this should be a good solutiuon.


    You can also use…

  • AD7401被动时钟,而AD7400为主动时钟。ADI在设计这两款芯片时候为什么会有如此差异?

    AD7400能主动产生MCLK信号,而AD7401则需要外部提供MCLK信号。是什么原因产生的如此差异?是考虑多个Sigma-Delta Modulator同步问题吗?还是因为20MHz的应用,某种原因必须使用外部时钟?期望得到您的指点。

  • Using AD7401A with SINC4 Filter with Decimation Factor 128?

    In order to increase the bandwitdh and the SNR of the acquired data we would like to use a SINC4 Filter with a decimation factor 128 instead of a SINC3 Filter with a decimation factor 256. With these measures we hope to increase the bandwidth to 150 kHz…

  • 数字隔离器产品选型与资源指南(2014年春季版)


    • 单通道和多通道数据隔离器

    • 集成隔离电源的数字隔离器:isoPower

    • USB隔离器

    • 隔离式栅极驱动器

    • 开关稳压器

    • I2C数字隔离器*

    • 隔离式CAN收发器

    • 隔离式RS-485收发器

    • 隔离式RS-232收发器

    • 隔离式Σ-Δ调制器


  • 哇哦,太阳能逆变器与摩尔定律保持一致!!!


    先交代一下背景故事,SolarEdge是太阳能逆变器、功率优化器和模块级监控服务领域的全球领导者,自公司成立以来短短 10 年内从新初创企业一跃成为行业领导者之一。奇迹是如何发生的呢?

    SolarEdge意识到若要摆脱逆变器的这些笨重、庞大的金属元件,则需要重新思考转换过程。虽然碳化硅 (SiC) 和氮化镓 (GaN) 等新的宽带隙交换技术的出现,有望革命性地改变下一代功率转换设计…

  • AD7400A:  Can this device accept both differential and single ended inputs, datasheet is not clear?

    The AD7400A specifies an analog input range of +/- 200mV and a specified full
    range of +/- 320mV, which I interpret as a bipolar input. When looking at the
    abs max ratings, it can only be on the negative side GND -


    1. The…