• AD7400 : output waveform


    I have a question about the AD7400.

    I connect the AD7400 with the FPGA.

    The following waveform is the test input signal to the AD7400.

    The signal is a sine wave of 100mV(1Hz) with the noise.

    The following waveform is an output of the Sinc3…

  • AD7400 rush current

    Hello All


    Please let me know rush current specification of AD7400 or give me related date.


    We use AD7400 in our system now.

    At the moment, there is no problem with our system for rush current.

    But , datasheet does not describe rush current parameter…

  • AD7400 power supply


    Do VDD1 and VDD2  of AD7400 have specification of rising time at power up ?

    Our customer's power supply IC to AD7400_VDD output 1.2V~1.6V for a certain period (300us~1ms), and output 5V after that.

    Is there any problem with above?

    I can not…

  • AD7400时钟问题



  • Possibility to use the AD7400 in Pseudo-Differential


    Is it possible to use the AD7400 in a Pseudo-Differential?

    Best regards,


  • (AD740*)What is the difference between AD7400 & AD7401 & AD7402 &AD7403?

    Hi !

    Our customer have interesting in AD740*.

    And they want know what is the difference between AD7400 & AD7401 & AD7402 & AD7403.

    Can you explain the difference?

    AD7401 is AD7400 external clock version.

    AD7403 is AD7402 external clock…

  • AD7401被动时钟,而AD7400为主动时钟。ADI在设计这两款芯片时候为什么会有如此差异?

    AD7400能主动产生MCLK信号,而AD7401则需要外部提供MCLK信号。是什么原因产生的如此差异?是考虑多个Sigma-Delta Modulator同步问题吗?还是因为20MHz的应用,某种原因必须使用外部时钟?期望得到您的指点。

  • RE: Bitstream from EVAL-CED1Z

    Hi mhay,

    The AD7400 software on the CED board does not have the functionality to pass the raw bit stream data. The AD7402 which is the next generation to the AD7400 has software routines to read the raw data. It needs an SDP-H board though.


  • RE: Current Sense help needed!

    Hi Pantelis,

    Sorry for getting back late. I've talked to several applications engineers and they recommend the AD7400 and AD7401 for your application. These products are isolated sigma delta converters designed for isolating current sense in motor control…

  • Watchdog of AD740x  series


    Coudl you teach me about the output logic level when the VDD1 of AD740x is off ?

    VDD1 supply rarely  off  at fault condition of power circuit in our customer's circuit.


    AD7400 and AD7401 datasheet P.1 says  that these devices include…