• AD7386 SPI Configuration

    I am trying to talk to an AD7386 from an STM32, and trying to do a simple readback of the register bank at power-up. I have some queries about the command protocol, that I am hoping to clarify here.

    1. The AD7386 has 3v3 on Vcc and Vlogic.
    2. The STM32…

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  • RE: AD7386 in One Wire mode

    Sorry Jonathan,

    my last reply did not seem to get through.

    When programmed into 1-wire mode, which was confirmed by reading back the configuration register, the device still output data on SDOB.

    We have decided to go with my multiplexer fix, which is…


    There is a AD7386 in our custom board, 4 analog input  channels, so seuqencer mode is used. But the sampled data tell us channel sequece is uncertainty, sometimes AinA0 and AinB0 are at the front, and somrtimes  AinA1 and AinB1 are at the front. The registers…

  • ad7386 throughput rate per Channel


    i didn't understand if each Channel throughput rate is up to 4Msps or every Pair , which means that the max is 2Msps?

    if the answer is 2, do you have any recommendation for ADC,

    my needs:

    SPI interface

    >=16 bit

    >= 3Msps

    Single Ended


  • RE: Recommendation for true simultaneous 4 channels ADC


    You might try looking at the AD7386/7/8.  These are quad devices in a 3x3 package which run at 4MSPS maximum throughput and have integrated oversampling.  While you only have a true dual, simultaneous sampling device inside the crosstalk between…

  • RE: Not able to read data properly from AD7387?

    Hi Pawar,

        If you have some snapshot of the digital interface that you can share, it can help figure out the problem. I did some simulations before with my AD7386  board it works fine using this timing. What SCLK frequency are you running? I am asking…

  • RE: Best ADC for low latency control application (and DAC)


    Let me give you a couple of suggestions to start with to have you review and you can always come back for further help reducing the list.   I'm going to make the assumption here that this is a multi-channel application so I've eliminated single channel…

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  • RE: EVAL-AD7386FMCZ with FPGA dev board


    We don't have a reference design for EVAL-AD7386 nor do we support ML605 (as it's relatively old and not supported by Vivado). 

    Looking over the schematic for Eval-AD7386FMCZ and revision D of ML605, I don't see any reason it won't work…