• AD7380 data rate

    The AD7380 datasheet specifies that the data rate is 4MSPS. However, the diagram on page 7 appears to show a data rate of 8 MSPS when in "serial 2-wire" mode.

    Is the 4 MSPS specification for a single ADC or for both ADCs together? What is the…

  • The AD7380(AD738x) a 16-bit resolution ADC throughput rate is at 4MSPS. When resolution boost is enable allowing 18-bit conversion result. With the additional 2-bits, does the AD7380 would still able to maintain the throughput rate at 4MSPS?

    The AD7380 is capable to perform with throughput rates over 4MSPS using the correct SCLK at 80 Mhz frequency. When the normal averaging oversampling and resolution boost are enabled, the throughput rate will slow down as the oversampling ratio increases…

  • RE: 關於AD7380 SPI 讀取都是0x0000


  • Ad7380 - issue in register read and write

    Hi  , , ,

    We are configuring the ad7380 on 2-wire mode which requires 16 clock pulses for register operation.

    For ad7380,we are giving 16 clock pulses for sending the address on MOSI and another 16 clock pulses for reading the 12 bit data…

  • FAQ: AD7380/AD7381: What oversampling method is best for an application?

                  The AD738x has two Oversampling mode, Normal Averaging Oversampling and Rolling Average Oversampling.

                  Normal Averaging is best used in application where a high precision or high SNR or Dynamic range is needed and speed is not a concern, because it can…

  • Register read after writing is not getting correct for AD7380.


    After writing register data I am not able to read data again correctly.

    For AD7380 I am using first 16 CLK for Address and next 16CLK for data as I am using in 2-wire mode.

    Can you help any other configuration is needed to read after writing.

  • The AD7380 has an on chip oversampling, Why is there a need for an oversampling?


    The AD7380 has an on chip oversampling, Why is there a need for an oversampling?


    Oversampling has been a known method of processing conversion result to improve ADC performance for SAR ADC. Putting the oversampling process internally…

  • FAQ: AD7380/AD7381: What are the pros and cons of a Serial 2 wire mode and serial 1 wire mode?

    There are two ways to read the conversion result of the AD7380/AD7381. The conversion result can be read via SDOA and SDOB or via SDOA only . The 2 wire mode allows the conversion result of ADCA via SDOA and the conversion result of ADCB via SDOB. Reading…

  • Analog Filter used before AD7380 EVM


    In AD7380 EVM user guide one analog filter has been used (Mentioned in the first page of user guide UG-1304)

    1) Kindly share details of the analog filter.

    2) Also the signal characteristics used to get result as given in figure 20 of user guide…

  • RE: About the AD7380/16bit SDOA data no signal output problem

    Hi Jonathan,

    I'm to bother you again.
    I have hardware questions for SPI 2 write mode to connect.
    In AD7380 the "SDOB" and "SDOA" pin.
    How to read the "SDOB" method and hardware connect to MCU SPI not understand.