• AD7376 problem

    hello! I'm new here and beginner

    I need help with a problem I have no idea how to solve.

    I'm trying to control the AD7376 via SPI from PIC 18F4520.

    the signals seem correct in SPI pins, according to AD7376 datasheet:

    but the potentiometer…

  • Latch-up in AD7376 digital potentiometer

    Hi all,

    We are getting latch-up in the AD7376ARWZ10 digital pot which we run off +/-15V supplies.

    There are short periods (200ms) where the VDD & VSS (+/-15V) supplies are not powered fully and yet signals are being input to the device : either 5 V…

  • Is the AD7376 1M still available?

    I was looking for a replacement to LDR based potentiometers in a tube amplifier and found the AD7376 1M poti on google,

    On your website there is only a version up to 100K available.

    My question is now whether there is a 1M version of this digital pot…

  • AD7376 Poor Accuracy when below 50%


    Trying to figure out why the accuracy of the AD7376 is so poor at the lower end of the scale compared to the higher end.

    I have the device set up as a voltage divider as shown in the schematic below:

    The +5V_OUTPUT net is referenced to the GND…

  • Power Up Sensitivity in Time of AD7376

    I'm reading the datasheet for the AD7376 and it says the following:


    Because of the ESD protection diodes that limit the voltage compliance at Terminals A, B, and W (see Figure 30), it is important to power VDD/VSS before applying voltage to Terminals…

  • Data logging in AD7376 Eval kit

    Hi EngineerZone members,

    I am using AD7367 eval kits AD7367CBZ, Rev A along with controller board EVAl-CONTROL_BRD2 Rev C. Using the eval software i am able to read the data on PC. However I want to log the data continuously on PC. Given software GUI…

  • RE: Any changes in AD7367 dual power supply?

    It looks the same I used to see (9.60Vpk-pk wrapped sine at left, 4.20Vpk-pk regular sine at right):

    The difference is that AD7367 needs min. +/-11.5V even for +/-5V analog input range (for AD7376-5 is min. +/-5V).
    I guess the 1st has a different analog…

  • RE: AD5111, shutdown mode

    Hi Miguel,

    We had understood teminal A is disconnected when Shutdown. What we do NOT understand is reason why it result to improve signal attenuation at audio application.

    I found Audio Volume Control with Zipper Noise reduction in the datasheet of…

  • AD5290 maximum logic input

    Hi, I used yours AD5290 as volume control in a power amplifier.

    I already have used your AD7376 in an old project and I connected the SPI link to the +15V by means of a pullup resistor..

    When I used the AD5290 I also conncted the SPI to the +15V with…