• AD7367-5 circuit diagrams

    When I used the AD7367-5 for a single-end  bipolar range-±5V analogue input signal,I couldn't 100% be sure that could that chip work in the single-ended model,since  Figure 21 about typical connection diagram in the data sheet AD7367 has some conflict…

  • AD7367-5输出异常


    一开始我用直流信号调试,其输入信号分别为0V、1V、2V、2.2V、2.8V、3V、4V、5V时,AD7367-5的输出在quartus ii的signaltap显示如下图




  • RE: AD7367供电电源问题


    1.您使用的芯片是AD7367还是AD7367-5, AD7367与AD7367-5 的供电电压要求是不一样的。

    2. 如果是AD7367-5,那么Vdd = +5VA;  Vss = -5VA;  DVcc = +5VA; AVcc = +5VA; Vdrvive = +3.3V 是满足要求的。还请验证一下这个Vdrive电压从电源管理的芯片输出的时候是3.3V?ADC发热吗?

  • RE: Any changes in AD7367 dual power supply?

    Hi, there was an initial misunderstanding between AD7367 and AD7367-5. Which one do you use?

    I'm using AD7367-5 configured as +/-5V (see attached figure) and I confirm it wraps at +/-2.5V.

    I've only could take note of it, then keep the input signals…

  • AD7367 - BUSY is not going HIGH at the falling edge of CNVST.

    I am planning to use AD7367-5 for bipolar range of ±5V analogue input signal. The circuit was designed based on the reference design given in the datasheet (page 18/28 or refer image below) with changes in the RANGE selection. RANGE0 = 1, and RANGE1 =…

  • AD7367 output coding

    Hi all,

    The output coding of the AD7367 is twos complement.

    Is it both bipolar and unipolar input ?

    : ±10 V, ±5 V,or 0 V to 10 V.

    Best regards,


  • AD7367 busy signal

    Our customer has a problem with AD7367. When AD7367 is powered up, the BUSY signal is sometimes High. I knew how to reset from following Q&A.
    But RANGE0 and RANGE1 are fixed low at Customer's circuit.

  • AD7367 Evaluation board

    I need information about the AD7367 evaluation board. According to the datasheet the board includes a level shifter to translate the communication signals from 3.3V to 5V. Using that level shifter, is it possible to use the SPI at 48 MHz even if the board…

  • AD7367 ADC calibration

    I am using the AD7367 and am interested in achieving better accuracy.  I am using a high accuracy external reference.  I am using the ADC in either the +/-10V or +/-5V range.

    Can I perform a one time gain and offset calibration, or would I need to do that…

  • AD7367 SPI clarification

    From the data sheet:

    "Alternatively, the CS pin can be tied to a low logic state continuously. In this case, the DOUT pins never enter three-state and the data bus is continuously active. Under these conditions, the MSB of the conversion result for…