• What code will be read from AD7367 ?


    I have a question about AD7367 from our customer.

    AD7366/AD7367 has not overflow bit.

    What code will be read from AD7367 when the AD7367 input channel was saturated ?

    Does AD7367 return 0x2000 or 0x1FFF ?

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  • RE: Any changes in AD7367 dual power supply?

    Hi, there was an initial misunderstanding between AD7367 and AD7367-5. Which one do you use?

    I'm using AD7367-5 configured as +/-5V (see attached figure) and I confirm it wraps at +/-2.5V.

    I've only could take note of it, then keep the input signals…

  • RE: AD7367: unexpected behavior of generating only one channel output

    Hi Jayant,

       I have not seen obvious problem in the schematic. What is the values of your range pins? Are you also measuring very near the AD7367? if not and if it is possible can you try measuring near the AD7367. The BUSY signal indicates that the AD7367…

  • RE: AD7367供电电源问题


    1.您使用的芯片是AD7367还是AD7367-5, AD7367与AD7367-5 的供电电压要求是不一样的。

    2. 如果是AD7367-5,那么Vdd = +5VA;  Vss = -5VA;  DVcc = +5VA; AVcc = +5VA; Vdrvive = +3.3V 是满足要求的。还请验证一下这个Vdrive电压从电源管理的芯片输出的时候是3.3V?ADC发热吗?

  • Where can I find the description of the TSSOP-24 footprint for the AD7367?

    Hi everyone, 

    I was trying to find the footprint description of the Precision ADC AD7367 but I can't find anything.

    Where can I find the description of the TSSOP-24 footprint for the AD7367?

    Is there one 3D model in step format for this part number…

  • AD7367 busy signal

    Our customer has a problem with AD7367. When AD7367 is powered up, the BUSY signal is sometimes High. I knew how to reset from following Q&A.
    But RANGE0 and RANGE1 are fixed low at Customer's circuit.



    We are looking into this. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Limited cover is available on certain dates through the coming weeks (December 24 to January 1).  



  • AD7367 dummy data need to read out?

    Hi all,

    Datasheet Rev. D Page 17 @ AD7367, it say following.
    Channel selection is made via the ADDR pin, as shown in Table 9.
    The logic level on the ADDR pin is latched on the rising edge of the BUSY signal for the next conversion, not the one in progress…

  • AD7367-5 circuit diagrams

    When I used the AD7367-5 for a single-end  bipolar range-±5V analogue input signal,I couldn't 100% be sure that could that chip work in the single-ended model,since  Figure 21 about typical connection diagram in the data sheet AD7367 has some conflict…