• AD7366 Linux driver


    I have AD7366 chip, interfaced to Panda Board (OMAP 4460 based dev board), and need help on linux driver for the ADC.

    I looked at "Linux software driver" section but didn't find the driver for this ADC. Could any one guide me to compatible driver…

  • About AD7366 Input Range


    My customer is trying to use the AD7366.
    So I got a question.

    #1 As a customer, he seems to want to input 0 to 12 V as an input range.

      In this case, should I set Vdd = + 12 V, Vss = -12 V, reference voltage = 3 V and RANGE 1, 0 both 1?



  • AD7366 Supply Issues


    I am using a AD7366 / 7367 while connected to a DSPIC33 at 3.3V

    I am measuring the 3.3v BUS AT 4v, REMOVING ad7366 from PCB resolve issue

    desoldering Vdrive from PCB (pin 2) also solves issue

    using diode check on pin 2 to pin 3 shows a diode drop…

  • AD7366/67 Reference

    I don't understand the counts I'm getting from the AD7366.  What is the conversion formula?  Maybe its the reference voltage?. How does the reference voltage affect the conversion codes?

  • AD7366 conversion time


    Our customer would like to know minimum conversion time of AD7366.

    CNVST signal  is neede to be high before BUSY signal  goes low for  power up at all time as datasheet P.20 says.

    The high period of BUSY signal is defined as tconvert but this time…

  • Serial interface of AD7366


    I have the question when selected channedl of AD7366 is read.

    Please let me know yoru advice about below question of AD7366.


    I think that normally read of AD7366 is slide 1 in attaced file.

    Is it correct ?

    Datasheet  P.18 says that channel…

  • AD7366 first MSB


    Please let me know your advice about description of first MSB in datasheet.

    Datasheet P22 _ section of serial interface says below.

    "The first bit of the conversion result is valid on the first SCLK falling edge after the CS falling edge"…

  • AD7366-5 SPI problems

    We receive unexpected results from SPI line. Please could you send us a
    report/confirmation with the same settings that the part works correctly? More
    details in the PDF file.

    - 4 Channel ADC
    - 12 Bit ADC
    - Interface SPI
    - Analog…
  • AD7366/7367 Output floating


    I will use just one serial output (DoutA) - Pin 1 - of the AD7367 to get both conversions made by the two channels.

    My question is : Do I leave the other pin - Pin 23 -floating or it would be recommendable to ground it ?

    Best Regard


  • AD7366 ~BUSY state at power up


       My question is related to the power-up state of the BUSY signal of the AD7366 ADC converter.

       According to the data sheet this signal remains low until a conversion is initiated. In my design, I notice that often after powering up my board, the…