• ad736 output


    I have c connected my circuit as in b battery operated option in ad736..my input is phase voltage which is coming out of 3 phase inverter..input properties are 20khz pulse train with varying widths with 72vdc amplitude... i decimated it to 300mv (yellow…

  • Ad736

    Can the use of ad736 solve the erratic display osaro CT current by pic microcontroller? 

  • AD736

    Dear Sir,

    Can I able to use AD736 for Both AC Input and DC Input?
    Is it possible to use for both AC and DC Signal Sensing?

    I tested with AC Singal Conversion true RMS to DC working properly, for DC signal Input I am not getting any output.

    Please suggest…

  • AD736: Signal range

    I am trying to know AD736 could convert 6kHz-10kH 5msn Pulse signal to RMS


    Yes the AD736 can be used to convert a 6kHz-10kHz 5ms Pulse signal to RMS
  • AD736: Settling time

    I am concerned about the settling time of AD736. I need a settling time shorter
    than 10mS when the input level is below 200mV.
    But it seems very difficult for AD736(or for other RMS-to-DC converter from
    ADI) to meet such a requirement…
  • ad736 Input range

    I´m using AD736 to read RMS value from a shunt resistor in a current sensor. In this case, the 220VAC is fired with a triac, so, the sine wave form is not complete (phase angle control). Using an arduino, which allow 5VDC in its analog ports, my question…

  • AD736 Application Design

    Hi I am bit new with RMS to DC converter. I try to use AD737 but found out put of it is  -VE. So, decide to use

    AD736. My application is reading  AC signal from 3 Phase voltage ( between 0.5V to 2V at 50Hz/60HZ). Need fast satelliting time( under 10mS…

  • Query Regarding AD736...


    I am working on AD736 and I am facing a lot of issues. I tried connecting it in single supply mode and dual supply mode and the output is not following the input as expected and I am getting o/p voltages of the range of 8V.

    I am attaching the connection…

  • AD736: Single supply configuration

    The equestion is how to manage the -Vs, COMMON and +Vs pins with a single
    For instance, the COMMON pin of an AD*6*36 is powered with a 20k/39k bridge to
    the +Vs in a single supply-source.


    The specifications for this device…
  • AD736 behaviour in multisim

    Hi Folks,

    I am trying to simulate AD736 behaviour in multisim. I have used the reference design in the data sheet on page 15 diagram 25 -  AD736 with a High Impedance Input Attenuator.

    But when i put a 1V PK signal at 50Hz it gives an output of 77.7mV…