• Ad736

    Can the use of ad736 solve the erratic display osaro CT current by pic microcontroller? 

  • AD736: Signal range

    I am trying to know AD736 could convert 6kHz-10kH 5msn Pulse signal to RMS


    Yes the AD736 can be used to convert a 6kHz-10kHz 5ms Pulse signal to RMS
  • RE: Differential voltage 0 to 300 milli Volts across a shunt


    I have tested AD736 as well and I am getting output w.r.t Input. But when I compare AD636 and AD736, AD636 is more accurate but I have tested AD736 on general purpose board, I am getting the PCB designed and I think it should be better with that…

  • ad736 output


    I have c connected my circuit as in b battery operated option in ad736..my input is phase voltage which is coming out of 3 phase inverter..input properties are 20khz pulse train with varying widths with 72vdc amplitude... i decimated it to 300mv (yellow…

  • AD736: Settling time

    I am concerned about the settling time of AD736. I need a settling time shorter
    than 10mS when the input level is below 200mV.
    But it seems very difficult for AD736(or for other RMS-to-DC converter from
    ADI) to meet such a requirement…
  • AD736 如何校准输出运放的失调电压

    1.项目中利用AD736将0-200mV 交流信号转化为真有效值,AD736手册上有针对输出运放失调电压的校准电路,见附件,实际操作过程中该如何校准?谢谢

    2. 还有一个关于AD736精度的一个描述不是很理解,见附件图片。

  • problem simulating AD736 in ADIsimPE

    Original Question: problem simulating AD736 in ADIsimPE by suryadeopa

    simulating AD736.

    I was trying to simulate AD736 rms to DC converter for 200mV input for fastest settling time. I have attached the circuit below. I might have made mistakes in selecting…

  • RE: Calculation formula for settling time AD736's

    Hi Kaos,

    Mark, Dave, and I wrote AN268 to document the answers to many of the frequently asked questions about the AD736. Many questions were about settling time, even though the data is already in the data sheet. For that reason, Figure 8 in the applications…

  • ad736 Input range

    I´m using AD736 to read RMS value from a shunt resistor in a current sensor. In this case, the 220VAC is fired with a triac, so, the sine wave form is not complete (phase angle control). Using an arduino, which allow 5VDC in its analog ports, my question…

  • AD736 behaviour in multisim

    Hi Folks,

    I am trying to simulate AD736 behaviour in multisim. I have used the reference design in the data sheet on page 15 diagram 25 -  AD736 with a High Impedance Input Attenuator.

    But when i put a 1V PK signal at 50Hz it gives an output of 77.7mV…