• ad8138驱动AD7357,AD7357基准输出变为2.9V?


  • AD7357 fires back

    Dear colleagues

    we are using an AD7357 and an AD8132 to drive the inputs of the AD7357. Trouble is, we see large voltage swings at the Vin+ and Vin- of the AD7357 which are not related to the signal we feed into the AD8132. We use pretty much the recommended…

  • AD7357 serial interface

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently using the AD7357 and I was wondering if I can pull up NCS (N for not) right after the 16th falling edge of SCKL or if I should wait the 16th rising edge of SCKL as shown on the picture 31 of the datasheet?

    Thanks in advanced…

  • AD7357 Voltage offset


    I have some problems with my ad7357-eval kit. When I input an AC signal to the corresponding pins Va or Vb the signal seems to have a drift of ~0.2V. For example if the input is 0 - 0.6 AC (e.g. from AD9837) it becomes 0.2-0.6. This error is quite…

  • AD7357 conversion time


    1) What is the maximum conversion time in the AD7357?

    2) Do I can sampling at 10 Hz?

    Thank you.

  • AD7357 power mode


    in power mode , it was mentioned that in first time  a few cycle has to be elapsed then only conversion start.

    1.But i my case i am using cs is low for 0.5usec, when cs is low sclk( each cycle frequequency 40Mhz) pulse start ,so conversion will start…

  • AD7357 conversion problems

                   Hi. I have a problem with the AD7357 ADC, meaning that each time I ask the device to make a conversion it gives back a different conversion , although it is the same tension at the inputs. It should have returned the same value each time but it varies…

  • AD7357 power consumption

    Dear All,

    the question: is 36mW of power reported on the datasheet the total power consumption,

    I mean when the two channels are converting, or for just one channel?

    Thank You.


  • AD7357 Serial Interface Timing


    Our customer will use AD7357.

    Its serilal interface timing describes datasheet rev.B P.18 Figure 30 .

    Figure 30 says that first SLCK edge after CS_ low is falling edge.

    Could you teach me if there is any problem  when the first SCLK edge  after…

  • Differential input with AD7357 evaluation board

    The datasheet does not mention anything about differential input (e.g., Figure 1 on page 1).  Even Table 6 does not even mention J15 or J16 (which I see on the actual board and in the schematic).

    From the schematic, it seems straightforward --- to set…