• AD7356

    We are using AD7356 to convert two analog signal simutanously at 1M sample/second.

    We try to use TMS570 family to connect AD7356 due to the reason that

    • It has MIBSPI(multi buffered SPI) and DMA so when we have other tasks, the data will not be lost…
  • RE: AD7356 Evaluation Board


    Could you give me the source code of the AD7356.hexout?


    2011/11/29 ClaireL <analog@sgaur.hosted.jivesoftware.com>


         Analog Devices EngineerZone <http://ez.analog.com/index.jspa>  AD7356 Evaluation Board reply from

  • AD8138 not working.

    For AD7356 ADC i’m using AD8138 differential OpAmp (by referring the AD7356 evaluation board schematics and ad7356 datasheet).

    I made a pcb to check the ADC, when i measure the output pin of AD8138, it shows +4V and -4V at OUT+ & OUT- pins.


  • RE: 请教:AD7356的单次数据采集问题

    1. AD7356 /cs信号没有最大时间间隔要求. 正常模式下,可以即时转换。

    2. AD7352 跟AD7356时序类似。

  • AD7356 problem


         I am using the AD7356 as an analog-digital converter.but when i give voltage to it ,I find waves from the SDATAa,and SDATAb bin which has a high amplitude about 4V peak-peak value ,and its frequency was unstable If it is noice ,i think its amplitude…

  • AD7356中Vdrive电压由谁提供?


  • RE: Help setting up software for EVAL-AD7356  +  CED1Z


    Please try the software available from the AD7356 product page. This will install in Win7 machines.



  • How to dual-channel real-time data capture from CED1Z with AD7357EDZ.

    How to dual-channel real-time data capture from CED1Z with AD7357EDZ.

    AD7356/57/52 Eval Software insufficient for us.

    Real-time measurement and analysis you need to do.

    Delphi, VB or C # programs can improve.

    Please send sample program DLLs and header…

  • RE: Micro-Controller for AD7356

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  • RE: differential interfacing to the AD7356

    Hi Christoph,

    If you are worried about ensuring all channels in your data acquisition system are simultaneously sampled, the major signal that you need to be concerned with is the CS rather than the SCLKs. The falling edge of CS on these parts is the…