• AD7356

    We are using AD7356 to convert two analog signal simutanously at 1M sample/second.

    We try to use TMS570 family to connect AD7356 due to the reason that

    • It has MIBSPI(multi buffered SPI) and DMA so when we have other tasks, the data will not be lost…
  • AD7356 problem


         I am using the AD7356 as an analog-digital converter.but when i give voltage to it ,I find waves from the SDATAa,and SDATAb bin which has a high amplitude about 4V peak-peak value ,and its frequency was unstable If it is noice ,i think its amplitude…

  • About AD7356 real-time

    The control system drives and outputs the pulse signal, and then informs the monitoring system to collect the pulse signal through the external expansion AD7356. Due to the communication delay, the AD7356 cannot collect the pulse signal. How to solve…

  • Micro-Controller for AD7356


    I am wondering which micro-controller you recommend for the AD7356 ADC sampling at 5 MSPS?

    Specifically, I am looking for a micro-controller which has two SPI working at 80MHz or One SPI working at 160MHz.

    Thanks a lot


  • RE: AD7356 Evaluation Board


    Could you give me the source code of the AD7356.hexout?


    2011/11/29 ClaireL <analog@sgaur.hosted.jivesoftware.com>


         Analog Devices EngineerZone <http://ez.analog.com/index.jspa>  AD7356 Evaluation Board reply from

  • differential interfacing to the AD7356

    Hello together,

    I'm currently working on an high voltage 8 channel data acquisition system controlled by an Cyclone II FPGA. The general requirements are:

    - 8 fully differential input channels

    - precision measurement

    - source independent meas…

  • EVAL-AD7356 + CED1Z not capturing correctly


    I just completed this setup with its software running on Windows XP SP3 installed in a virtual machine through VirtualBox 4.3 on Ubuntu Linux 14.04.

    The software seems to work  (it recognizes the device and allows me to capture).  However, the capture…

  • About AD7356. Error in data acquisition

    Recently, I am using AD7356 to collect data. The hardware circuit is correct. Maybe my FPGA program is wrong and there is bit error in the acquired data. I used altera's FPGA and observed AD converted data using signaltap on quartus II, and the results…

  • AD7356 Evaluation Software ,Save (Sample Data)

    I'd like to know the function 'Save (Sample Data) ' of AD7356 Evaluation Software.
    Can I use this function to output  the data as csv file or other text file?
    Or can't I see it on outside of GUI?

  • 关于AD7356调试的问题