• AD73360: Grounding

    Please can you clarify the layout requirements for one of your parts?  I cannot
    resolve the various requirements.

    The part in question is the AD73360 Analog Front End, and the question concerns
    grounds and power. Page 26 of the data sheet…
  • AD73360

    Hi ,

    I would like to ask quick questions on the AD73360 just for confirmation purpose.

    Quick replies would be appreciated.

    Q1. Where are the timing reference points on SCLK, SDOFS , and so on.

         -- At the 50% level  of the swing of each signal?

    Q2: Assiming…

  • AD73360

    I am using AD73360L for my application. but the problem with this ADC is that it does not specify its variation with respect to temperature. for my appliocation temperature effect is signifcant. i want to know whether and how does this chip get affected…

  • AD73360 timing questions

    I have some doubts over the timing of AD73360. In the datasheet, there is some
    description for SDOFS:(see figure1).Here it is mentioned that the period of
    SDOFS pulses would be 1/fsample, just like Figure 10a. My question is for
  • AD73360: Reference voltage

    I am using the DC coupled configuration in which VINN is shorted to VREFOUT of
    1.25V and the input voltage is applied to VINPX (Fig. 27). What is the voltage
    range on VINPX and LSB value in millivolts?


    The data sheet gives 1.64375Vp…
  • AD73360 question

    I'm using a 73360 to read six sensors continuously. My problem is determining when sensor 1 is being output.

    From looking at the timing diagrams in the datasheet, I see no output signal that differentiates which sensor is being output.

    This must…

  • AD73360: SDOFS in figure 10

    The period of SDOFS pulses would be 1/fsample, just like Figure 10a. My
    question is for Figure 10b and 10c, what’s the period of SDOFS pulses?


    The 1/f is when the sample is valid. The start of data pulses is the marker for
    the start…
  • AD73360: Frequency response over sample rate

    What is the frequency response of AD73360 over different sample rates?


    I have attached a spreadsheet for calculating the response based on sample

    By selecting a sample rate and using the table in the datasheet you can
  • AD73360 SPORT tx rx

    Hi, all

    I have a board with BF518 & AD73360.The board is same with zhe BF518EZBRD except the AD. We use AD73360 instead of AD7266.

    I  want to sample message with this board.Now I need to write a driver of AD73360 to match the uClinux.I hope someone…

  • Like AD73360, but with SPI

    Hi all,

    I hope I'm posting this in the correct section...

    I am looking for an A/D converter which has all the features of the AD73360 (simultaneous sampling, daisy chain, high-gain PGA, 16-bits or higher, etc).  But with an SPI interface.  The AD73360…