• AD73360

    Hi ,

    I would like to ask quick questions on the AD73360 just for confirmation purpose.

    Quick replies would be appreciated.

    Q1. Where are the timing reference points on SCLK, SDOFS , and so on.

         -- At the 50% level  of the swing of each signal?

    Q2: Assiming…

  • AD73360

    I am using AD73360L for my application. but the problem with this ADC is that it does not specify its variation with respect to temperature. for my appliocation temperature effect is signifcant. i want to know whether and how does this chip get affected…

  • Ref out voltage of the EVB

    I found the REF out of  AD73360 EVAL is not normal. The voltage of Pin 6 REFCAP
    is only 1.1V not 1.25V,and the voltage of Pin 5, is only 0.3~0.6V.


    From what I remember of the AD73360 eval software the reference is only enabled
  • AD73360 SPORT tx rx

    Hi, all

    I have a board with BF518 & AD73360.The board is same with zhe BF518EZBRD except the AD. We use AD73360 instead of AD7266.

    I  want to sample message with this board.Now I need to write a driver of AD73360 to match the uClinux.I hope someone…

  • AD73360 question

    I'm using a 73360 to read six sensors continuously. My problem is determining when sensor 1 is being output.

    From looking at the timing diagrams in the datasheet, I see no output signal that differentiates which sensor is being output.

    This must…

  • AD73360: Grounding

    Please can you clarify the layout requirements for one of your parts?  I cannot
    resolve the various requirements.

    The part in question is the AD73360 Analog Front End, and the question concerns
    grounds and power. Page 26 of the data sheet…
  • Comment on 2010-01-11 12:53:46     Does anyone have written driver for AD73360?

    Dear Jianxi:

    I have a board with BF518 & AD73360 together.I need a AD73360 driver for uClinux on BF518.

    I saw the post above.Do you have done the driver development?If you complete it I hope you can give me some help.

    I appreciate you very much…

  • Like AD73360, but with SPI

    Hi all,

    I hope I'm posting this in the correct section...

    I am looking for an A/D converter which has all the features of the AD73360 (simultaneous sampling, daisy chain, high-gain PGA, 16-bits or higher, etc).  But with an SPI interface.  The AD73360…

  • AD 73360 not working correctly....?

    i have just got the chance to work on ad73360. Our signal range is +/-1.6. and according to ad73360 it shall work fine for this range. we are using it in single ended mode. now there are the problem i am facing

    1. adc gives it full counts at 1.52v .