• AD73311

    Hello everyone
             I am having a problem now, as explained below.
             I used the AD73311 for industrial control and the DC output is constant.
    AD73311 register configuration:
             Register B: 0x8103
             Register C: 0x82F9
             Register D: 0x8310
             Register A: 0x8…

  • AD73311


    I have a audio generation system, with a CODEC TP3054. I want to replace this CODEC with AD73311. Stored audio is ".wav" files.

    Can any one help me to decide whether TP3054 can be replaced with AD73311.

  • AD73311: Power supply

    May I use AD73311 with different DVDD and AVDD (DVDD = 3.3V and AVDD = 5V) ?


    Yes you can use DVDD=3.3V and AVDD=5V. We recommend that AVDD and DVDD are
    powered up together. On power up AVDD should follow DVDD until DVDD reaches
  • AD73311 sampling noise problem


        I use ad73311 as analog-to-digital converter. the sampling data coupled severe noise. According to the sampling digital data, the max value of quantization noise is about 210 when the analog input pins connect to ground.

        however, I don't know…

  • AD73311 + LPC3250 interface and software


         We designed a system using AD73311 codec interfacing with AMBE2000 Vocoder. We interfaced AD73311 to LPC3250 SPI interface as per the AMBE2000 datasheet as shown below. But we used LPC3250 ( SPI interface ) instead of DSP micro controller.


  • AD73311/AD73322 application circuit and layout


    I would like to have a information about EVAL-AD73311 or AD73322.

    I know Eval-AD73311 is obsolete.

    But we don't have any information about actual Layout and application circuit.

    Please help us.



  • uClinux and AD73311 CODEC - audio delay impairments

    Hi Everybody...


    I have a weird problem (well - I think its weird!!)


    I am using a BF537 with a AD73311 CODEC under uClinux 2011R1. There IS a reason I am still using the old build related to other drivers and my existing codebase.


    The audio from…

  • Adding an ALSA device (AD73311 audio codec) to uClinux

    We are having problems with adding an ALSA device to uClinux. The audio codec is AD73311, uClinux dist 2011R1-RC3 and toolchain 2011R1-RC4. The hardware we are using is a customized board.

    The AD73311 is working properly. We tested it using sport_test…

  • 2011-03-07 07:38:59     AD73311 - AMIXER

    2011-03-07 07:38:59     AD73311 - AMIXER

    Frank Gill (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 98678   

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with AD73311 and volume via amixer?

    Basically I'm trying to increase/decrease the volume but am unable to.…

  • BF561 to AD73311 SPORT - what am I missing??

    I've got the BF561 hooked up in frame sync loop back mode to an AD73311.  I checked that the PF pins from the SPORT1 toggle the right pins on the AD73311 using a simple logic analyzer.  I programmed the sport to use frame sync on each word and 16 bits…