• About AD7328 ADC misuse

    Dear Responsible,

    In my research project i used AD7328 ADC in order to readout unipolar analog signals.

    SPI digital communication was isolated by using ADUM3481.

    During prototyping i noticed that digital isolator was broken. After a long search period…

  • AD7328: Overoltage protection

    How must I protect input terminals of AD7328 from overvoltage (like +o- 40V).


    Applying +/-40V to the analog input channel of the AD7328 exceeds the absolute
    max ratings for the part. We have not included any extra over voltage
    protection circuitry…

  • AD7328

    Wrote a code like this, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Tell me please. thanks

    #define cs_low() (GPIOD->BSRR = GPIO_BSRR_BR2)

    #define cs_high() (GPIOD->BSRR = GPIO_BSRR_BS2)

    #define AD7328_WRITE (1 << 15)
    #define AD7328_READ…

  • What am I doing wrong with AD7328

    please tell me what am I doing wrong? thanks

    Here is my code

    #define cs_low() (GPIOD->BSRR = GPIO_BSRR_BR2)
    #define cs_high() (GPIOD->BSRR = GPIO_BSRR_BS2)

    void AD7328_SequenceMode(void){

    uint8_t V2_AD7328_REG_RANGE1_tx[2] = {0xBF,0xE0…

  • AD7328读不到值问题

    我使用SPI传输模式用mode2(CPOL=1,CPHA=0),SCLK频率500kHz,t2 3.1us,t9、t10是1us。




  • AD7328 REF IN/OUT Capacitor allowable error


    I have a question about the AD7328.

    What is the allowable error for the 680nF capacitor attached to the REF IN / OUT pin?
    Is it okay to attach a capacitor with a tolerance of ± 20%?

    Best regards


  • AD7328


  • AD7328和51单片机spi