• AD7328


  • AD7328: Overoltage protection

    How must I protect input terminals of AD7328 from overvoltage (like +o- 40V).


    Applying +/-40V to the analog input channel of the AD7328 exceeds the absolute
    max ratings for the part. We have not included any extra over voltage
  • AD7328 substrate


    Which N-well or P-well  is the substrate of AD7328 ?

    I can read that there is not the power sequence in AD7328 from aboslute maximum rateing.

    But, I think if the substrate is a n-well,  the first supply must be the most negative ,

    and  If the substrate…

  • AD7328 problem

    Hello everyone,

    We are experiencing some problems with the ad7328 ADC converter. The problem is that the ad7328 burns out. This happens after some period of time (from 2 to  8 hours ) of perfect working of the converter (we have checked this with many…

  • AD7328 channel selection problem

    I am trying to get data from different channel of AD7328, but receiving data only from channel 0.

    This is my code.   How can I switch to different channel

    spi_data ( 0b00000000 ); // range_register1

    spi_data ( 0b00000000 );

    spi_data ( 0b00000000 );…

  • AD7328 resolution problem

    I am using AD7328 ADC with 12 bit resolution. I want to know about relation between reference voltage, input voltage and digital output.

    means if I am supplying 3 VDC to reference with input voltage 5 voltage what would be my digital output. 

  • AD7328 cpol and cpha spi ?

    Sir, how are you ?

    About the AD7328, where the DOUT frames ? Wich values to CPOL and CPHA ?

    Dropbox - ad7328.png 

    Thank you so much!


  • RE: AD7328 SPI problem

    Please see pics How 16-bit data transmitting through my controller to ADC AD7328, is this a right way to communicate over SPI with AD7328 or I have to combine this to 8-bits together

  • AD7328通道问题

    关于 AD7328,想知道怎么才能读出其他通道的内容呢?下面第一张是控制寄存器的设置,第二张是读出的结果,并不对,期待懂的人能帮忙看看,非常感谢。

  • AD7328 REF IN/OUT Capacitor allowable error


    I have a question about the AD7328.

    What is the allowable error for the 680nF capacitor attached to the REF IN / OUT pin?
    Is it okay to attach a capacitor with a tolerance of ± 20%?

    Best regards