• AD7328 cpol and cpha spi ?

    Sir, how are you ?

    About the AD7328, where the DOUT frames ? Wich values to CPOL and CPHA ?

    Dropbox - ad7328.png 

    Thank you so much!


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  • RE: AD7328 SPI problem

    Please see pics How 16-bit data transmitting through my controller to ADC AD7328, is this a right way to communicate over SPI with AD7328 or I have to combine this to 8-bits together

  • RE: C software driver for the AD7323

    Hi Mike,

         Unfortunately we don't have the software driver for the AD7323, but you may refer to the AD7328 which similar product and belong to the same family as the AD7323.

         Please refer to the link below to go to the AD7328 product page and check…

  • AD7328 substrate


    Which N-well or P-well  is the substrate of AD7328 ?

    I can read that there is not the power sequence in AD7328 from aboslute maximum rateing.

    But, I think if the substrate is a n-well,  the first supply must be the most negative ,

    and  If the substrate…

  • AD7238 SPI communication problem

    Actully I am trying to send 16-bit data using SPI communication with 8-bit buffer controller is PIC18f4550 and slave device is AD7328. I have attached pic of data transmission from my controller to AD7328. Can you tell me is this a right way to transmit…

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    If you go to the design tools section of the AD7328 product page should should find some driver examples that you can also use for…

  • 教程ADC架构II:逐次逼近型ADC

    数年以来,逐次逼近型ADC一直是数据采集系统的主要依靠。近期设计改良使这类ADC的采样频率扩展至兆赫领域且分辨率为18位。ADI公司的PulSAR 系列SAR ADC采用内部开关电容技术和自动校准,以CMOS工艺实现18位、2 MSPS性能(AD7641),而无需进行昂贵的薄膜激光调整。在16位级别,AD7625(6 MSPS)AD7626(10 MSPS)还代表着突破性的技术。


  • AD7328 problem

    Hello everyone,

    We are experiencing some problems with the ad7328 ADC converter. The problem is that the ad7328 burns out. This happens after some period of time (from 2 to  8 hours ) of perfect working of the converter (we have checked this with many…

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