• Interfacing AD7327

    AD7327 can be interfaced with 8Bit SPI Microcontroller Port?

  • Power for AD7327


    1. I wanted to know the max supply current for +-15V supply input for AD7327

    2. If I don't use a power sequencer for the chip and use the recommended BAT34 schottky diodes only, would it work?

  • AD7321 or AD7327


    I made some study for AD7321 for a while and I thought this chip could meet our requirement. But when I tried to purchase the evaluation board to perform a further evaluation, the system said that EVAL-AD7321 was not recommended for new designs and…

  • AD7327 Temperature Indicator


    Please give me more information about the AD7327 temperature indicator.

    - What is the purpose?
      Are there the application examples?

    - The datasheet describes only Figures 46/47 for specifications.
      Is there other information?
      Conversion equation…

  • AD7327 input range

    I will use the ADC AD7327 (8 channel, Software-selectable input range)

    The ADC is powered with +-15V and the signal input range should be set to +-10V.
    What happens if the input signal voltage is outside the set measuring range?
    So between +10V to +15V or…

  • AD7327采样问题


  • AD7327驱动程序


  • ADC error of AD7327


    We can see some ADC errors on the page 4 in the datasheet of AD7327. Do the specs include an impact of Reference output voltage error (+/-10mV)? Or should we independently count the effect of the Reference output voltage error as those specs for…

  • AD7327 Temperature Indicator (More)

    I have a question about Figure 46 in the AD7327 datasheet , Rev B .  Our application also uses +/10V range, but our Vcc is 3.3V, not 5V as in said figure.  How does the curve/equation change for Vcc = 3.3V?    Somehow, our software team is using this equation…

  • AD7327 Power supply Schottky connection


    Can you please explain why Schottky diodes are recommended to be connected to VDD and VSS pins of AD7327.