• RE: AD7324 c code


    Are you referring to the evaluation software? It is available for download on the ADI website.




  • AD7324 sequencer


    I got the AD7324 working fine without sequencer on.  Mode is fully dffierential (Mode1=1 and Mode0 =0).  Now, I want to use the sequencer to automatically switching between diff input pair -1 and diff input pair-2.

    I set AD7324 sequencer on ((Seq1…

  • RE: driver for ad7324 adc

    I just want to add that the AD7324 is set to sample at sample rate less than 0.5M.

    Thank you

  • RE: A problem about AD7324

    Hi KarenNE,

       I havn't fix my problem yet, and i attached my schematic below. I used one ADR443 to generate refference VREF for 3 AD7324. As to the PDF file, ceramic capacitors may be the first factor to "stuck" code, but i put 3 capacitors at the output…

  • RE: fully differential instrumentation amplifier

    For the first issue, I solved the problem by using 2 ad8221 (one is for + input and the other for  - inp). I configure each one of them as single ended input IA. And then connect the 2 outputs to diff input of ad8476.

    And yes, I prefer differential mode…

  • About RANGE REGISTER settings and Dout (AD7324)


    About the AD7324, when RANGE REGISTER is rewritten,

    does DOUT output data (within the same CS_clock) reflect the register change?

    If so, is the DOUT output data definitely correct? Or is it uncertain data?

    <Data sheet P25>

    The result of…

  • AD7324 Power Supply Sequencing


    I am using the ADC (AD7324) in my design. I am providing +/-12V, 5V for the Core, and 3.3V for Digital.  I am using LDO's for all supplies, adequate decoupling, but all supplies are coming online simultaneously.

    I am seeing this issue where sometimes…

  • AD7324   Schottky Diode Connection


    Why does it recommended to place schottky diodes in series with the AD7324 VDD and VSS supply signals.

    Doesn't  it prevent to carry current out  from IC  through  the ESD diodes when Over voltage is applied to the analog input pins?

  • AD7322 vs. AD7324 output data range / resolution

    In an older design, we used an AD7324 A to D Converter. The 13-bit output data range is 0000 (- 10V) to 1FFF (+ 10V). Two of the four channels are monitored in single-ended mode. Coding is straight binary. Range is -10V to +10V.


    The Control register…

  • AD732x (21/22/23/24/27/28/29) Requires Schottky Diodes

    Noted in the datasheets that ADI recommends the use of Schottky Diodes in series with the Vdd and Vss supplies (AD7322 datasheet shown below).

    We have found that these diodes are required for robust operation as there have been instances without the dio…