• AD7323 - Input and Supply Range

    Hello all,

    We have an analog input signal which ranges from -3V up to 11V.  So we were planning to use the AD7323 with +/-12 analog input range and with supply voltages of 15V(Vdd) and -5V(Vss) as well as having Vref to be 3V to enable the +/-12V range…

  • Current Sinking of Refin/Out pin on AD7323

    When you wish to select the enhanced input range of the AD7323, the data sheet states to apply +3V to the Refin/out pin.  Under absolute Max Ratings' it states that the maximum input current is 10mA, excluding the supplies. Does this pin then count as…

  • AD7323 程序问题

    请问有没有AD7323 m128的示范程序,我按AD7321的示范程序改的,芯片总是采集不到数据!!!


    #ifndef _AD7323_H_
    #define _AD7323_H_

    #define CONTROL_REGISTER 0x8000       //控制寄存器
    #define RANGE_REGISTER  0xA000       //量程范围寄存器
    #define SEQUENCE_REGISTER   0xE000       //定序寄存器

    #define CONVENTION      0x0000       //启动AD转换

  • RE: AD5754R EVAL and SPI with LabVIEW

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for this answer. My problem is that I want use the ADC circuit(U6 /AD7323) to read back manual control voltage for my application.

    So really I need all the set of command for the AD5754R Eval board (as I can find for the AD9959…

  • AD5754R DAC ISsue with STM32F3xx

    I'm using an STM32F302 to pilot DAC AD5724R by SPI.

    I'm also using the EVAL -AD5754REBZ.

    The STM32F3xx SPI2 is 16-bit frame. So no other way as my source is a 32-bit word I send 32 clocks and 2x16-bits (endian mode).

    As far I understand the…

  • Comment on AD7323的输出码


    1. 对于0到10 V范围、二进制补码输出编码,0V输入将是1 0000 0000 0000;10 V输入将是0 1111 1111 1111。

    2. 对于+/- 10 V范围、二进制补码输出编码,-10V输入将是1 0000 0000 0000;+10 V输入将是0…

  • AD7327驱动程序


  • RE: Need help to find out 3.3V, 12-bit, bipolar input (+/-10V range) ADC

    HI Kiran,

         Please look at the AD732X family of 12 bit ADCs. These devices can use the ±15V supplies you have on the board in order to accomodate the ±10V signal you have. The ADC core on the AD732X parts can run from a 3V supply as can the digital interface…