• RE: AD7323 communication with MCU

    Hi ,


        I found an evaluation software for AD7323(AD7323 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices) on the ADI website, but it is an .exe file. On the Analog Devices Wiki site there no available software driver for AD7323, but you may want to check other drivers…

  • RE: C software driver for the AD7323

    Hi Mike,

         Unfortunately we don't have the software driver for the AD7323, but you may refer to the AD7328 which similar product and belong to the same family as the AD7323.

         Please refer to the link below to go to the AD7328 product page and check…

  • AD7323 Decoupling

    Hello All,

    In the data sheet for the AD7323 it states: "Good decoupling is also important. All analog supplies should be decoupled with 10 μF tantalum capacitors in parallel with 0.1 μF capacitors to AGND....These low ESR, low ESI capacitors provide…

  • AD7323 - Input and Supply Range

    Hello all,

    We have an analog input signal which ranges from -3V up to 11V.  So we were planning to use the AD7323 with +/-12 analog input range and with supply voltages of 15V(Vdd) and -5V(Vss) as well as having Vref to be 3V to enable the +/-12V range…

  • Current Sinking of Refin/Out pin on AD7323

    When you wish to select the enhanced input range of the AD7323, the data sheet states to apply +3V to the Refin/out pin.  Under absolute Max Ratings' it states that the maximum input current is 10mA, excluding the supplies. Does this pin then count as…

  • AD7327驱动程序


  • RE: AD5754R EVAL and SPI with LabVIEW

    Hi Jean-Pierre,

    Of course, you may use the data sheet of the AD7323. I am curious though as to how are you going to probe the signals from the evaluation board?

    If you have any questions regarding the AD5754R and its functionality, please do not hesitate…

  • AD7323模数转换不准

    在使用AD7323的过程中,发现模数转换的结果不对,转换的数字量与输入的模拟量相差较大。用示波器看了下AD7323的输入端,发现在AD7323转化的过程中会出现较大的毛刺信号,放大毛刺信号,可以看到输入端发生明显的畸变。输入端前面是sallen key低通滤波电路,驱动能力比较强。后来在AD7323的输入端加了一个1uF的电容,毛刺信号明显削弱,模数转化结果误差减小。


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  • AD7323: output code

    In AD7323's datasheet, it says if the input is single-ended, then no missing
    code is 11-bit plus sign bit. I am not sure what the meaning is.  My question
    1. If the Input Range is 0~+10V and the coding is twos Complement, then when…