• AD7322 Reliability Data


    I'm trying to find the reliability data for the AD7322, e.g. FIT, MTF, etc., and I can't seem to find it. If anyone could help, that would be much appreciated!


  • AD7322 + SPI


    I am trying to have these ADC working with my PIC but I am having trouble doing it.

    Here is my code:

    ADCs Init

    void Init_ADC(void)
  • AD7322: Accuracy and precision problem


    I am currently trying to use a AD7322 but I have some problems with the accuracy and precision.

    For exemple, I setup the input voltage at 3.76V (According my multimeter) and the range to ±10V as I use the internal reference (2.44mV is use to scale…

  • Request the Schematic Review with AD7322


    My customer use AD7322 in their system which is used in military area.

    And they have a issue about AD7322 related heat.

    They say that their board has some AD7322 devices, but only one device located in U21 is too hot.

    (When they touch the top…

  • AD7322 vs. AD7324 output data range / resolution

    In an older design, we used an AD7324 A to D Converter. The 13-bit output data range is 0000 (- 10V) to 1FFF (+ 10V). Two of the four channels are monitored in single-ended mode. Coding is straight binary. Range is -10V to +10V.


    The Control register…

  • AD7322 (or any similar ADC) VHDL model


    Is there a VHDL model for the AD7322 to similar model ADC available that I can use in my testbench? I can modify the code to work for AD7322 if anyone has a similar model. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • EVAL-CONTROL BRD2Z Operation

    I am looking at the AD7322 ADC for a precision measurement application. I would not mind having the evaluation board and control features for initial testing, but was wondering if it was a good setup. I see from the datasheets for the controller board…

  • RE: Need help to find out 3.3V, 12-bit, bipolar input (+/-10V range) ADC

    HI Kiran,

    Sorry for the delay in my reply.

    In relation to the ADC. The AD7321 is a relatively new ADC so should be available for the 10 year life time that you have mentioned above. In terms of a second source the AD7322 is pin compatible and functionally…

  • RE: I'm having a problem with the ADA4899 Disable function.


    I'm using a couple more of the the ADA4899 to buffer the input to an AD7322 A/D where I'm letting the DISABLE signal float.  The BW appeals to me and reduced # of different components on the PCB.

    So you think a 499 ohm in the feedback…