• AD7321 SCLK

    Does the SCLK have to be continuous for the AD7321?

  • AD7321 or AD7327


    I made some study for AD7321 for a while and I thought this chip could meet our requirement. But when I tried to purchase the evaluation board to perform a further evaluation, the system said that EVAL-AD7321 was not recommended for new designs and…

  • AD7321 issue

    hi, Sir:

    The datasheet says that:


    Differential mode: 12-bit plus, sign (13 bits)

    Single-ended/pseudo differential mode: 11-bit plus, sign (12 bits)

    I always get the 12-bit plus, sign (13 bits) in either mode.

    Is it right? thanks.

  • IIO framework for AD7321 driver

    Is it possible to make driver for AD7321 with IIO framework..?

    I found out Industrial Input Output (IIO) framework driver for most of ADCs.

    But i cant able to find out IIO driver for AD7321.

    Can any one help for me..?

  • Output code of AD7321

    How does the sign-bit together with other 12-bit (Straight binary or
    2-complement) to form a integral code?


    Straight binary & bi-polar :if MSB is 1, the input is positive; if MSB is 0,
    the input is negative
    Straight binary &…
  • IIO driver for ADC AD7321

    For most of other ADC devices, IIO ( Industrial Input Output) is available.

    But i can't able to find out IIO driver for AD7321.

    But i got only AD7321 Evaluation Software from http://www.analog.com/en/products/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters…

  • AD7321芯片容易坏


    问题2:AD7321 DOUT示波器测量信号时发现,DOUT数字脉冲信号最后一个bit跟电平0位不是垂直的,而是斜线向下到达零位的。

    AD7321电路 :VDD +12V;VSS -12V, VCC和VDRIVE 5V,单端信号接VIN0…

  • 需求AD7321 实例代码


          你好, 我正在使用贵公司的AD7321芯片, 现在想用ARM9Linux系统通过SPI读取芯片数据, 想问一下您那有没有开发好的驱动程序和测试应用程序。希望能够尽快回复,谢谢!

  • AD7321 output serial data in single-ended mode

    for AD7321 when it is single-ended mode, the output is 12bits, 

    My concern is when in single-ended mode, which bits are useful in the first figure? sign bit + DB11-DB1 or DB11-DB0?

    Looking forward to your answer.

    Thank you very much!

  • AD7321 输出接口始终为0?

    我的情况是,只使用IN0测量信号,并连续测量,输出编码格式为直接二进制编码,CONTROL REGISTER为0x8038,RANGE REGISTER为0xA000,下图分别为示波器测得的写入信号和始终,频率为300khz。但是,不知道为什么,我的芯片输出端没有信号