• AD7298 - DCAP capacitor


    what the maximum value for the DCAP capacitor connected to the AD7298.

    1 μF recommended but this is the only 1 μF capacitor on the card.

    could I use 10 μF instead?


    zeev gerber

  • AD7298, SPI at 20Mhz clk interface and t4 timing issues

    For SPI interface up to 20MHz speed. Timing  t4 (Data access time after SCLK
    falling edge)
    can be up to 35ns, appears to fall short with an half clock period of 25ns.
    This renders impossible the usage of the rising edge to sample the incoming

  • AD7298 Linux Device-Tree Support

    I would like to configure the AD7298 linux driver with the device tree? Is this possible or does it need modifications to the module? If so can you show me an example of such a patch?

  • Enable AD7298 with IIO on imx6ul with Yocto

    Hello all. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to enable an IIO driver, AD7298 ADC on an imx6ul using Yocto.  To do this I am using a pattern that has been successful for activating and deactivating other kernel features:


    Recipe (liunux-imx_%.bbappend):

  • Null Pointer When Instantiating ad7298 Buffer Using libiio Python Bindings

    I'm trying to instantiate a buffer for an ad7298 using the libiio python bindings.

    ctx = iio.Context()
    ad7298 = ctx.find_device(b'ad7298')

    buf = iio.Buffer(ad7298, 8000)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module…

  • AD7291 ALERT pin

    I have a query relating to the ALERT pin of AD7291. I cannot find in the
    datasheet whether this pin is driven by a push-pull driver or whether it is an
    open-collector output? Are you able to combine the ALERT outputs of multiple
    AD7291 devices…

  • What permissions required for non-root access to libiio buffers?

    When trying to instantiate a buffer using the python bindings for libiio. I encounter a permissions error.

    I've written a udev rule to change group ownership of my iio devices like so:

    KERNEL=="iio:device[0-9]*", SUBSYSTEM=="iio", GROUP="iio"…

  • RE: AD7682 linux driver


    The AD7476 driver only supports single channel SAR ADCs. There are no existing drivers that can support the AD7682.

    The closets is probably the AD7298 IIO Multi-Channel ADC Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki], but the control register layout is quite…

  • RE: BF592 DAC and ADC


    Please find attached code interfacing ADSP-BF527 with ADC AD7298. You can modify the config registers in the SPORT code according to the DAC datasheet you wish to interface. Please use this as a reference and modify as per your requirement.