• AD7294-2


    Can I drive evaluation board AD7294-2 with Arduino Uno? I tried to establish connection on I2C bus without success.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Is AD7294-2 suitable for GaN transistor bias control application ?

    why is AD7294-2 suitable for LDMOS FET ? how about GaN FET ? can you recommend a control and monitor for GaN FET, plz ? 

  • Issues  with EVAL-AD7294-2SDZ Current Sensor


    I have both, the EVAL-AD7294-2SDZ and the EVAL-AD7294EBZ.

    I got the EVAL-AD7294-2SDZ because it allows me to interface to the I2C without cutting traces.

    However, I don't seem to get the Current Sensors to work properly.

    It does however…

  • AD7294 Problem

    hi all,

    I had a problem with AD7294 chip.

    1.ADC reading and DAC writing is not correct i mean its not working (ADC 0v(always),DAC 43mV (always))

    2.It was working fine till yesterday since long time of development.

    3.I checked configuring register…

  • AD7294 programming


    Is it possible to write an own small application using the EVAL-AD7294 in GNU Octave.

    Any starting points? Information how to do this?




  • AD7294 Thermal Shutdown

    What is the thermal shutdown feature of the AD7294?

  • AD7294 Autocycle Mode

    What should the Auto-cycle mode on the AD7294 be used for?

  • AD7294 Autocycle Mode

    Hi All ;
    AD7294 initial as Register:0x08 data:0x03,Register:0x09 data:0x1000.

    Is it Vin0 and Vin1 will auto transfer to Vouta and Voutb?

    Best regards

    Andy Shen

  • EVAL-AD7294 I2C programming


    On the EVAL-AD7294 we have a CY7C68013-CSP.

    Can I bypass this component and communicate directly with the AD7294 using I2C.

    I like to connect another MCU with this board using the I2C function.

    I need to be sure that I do not damage other components…

  • Bias control using AD7294

    Do the DAC output of AD7294 used for the bias control of Mosfet devices in power amplifier cause spurious components in its output?