• RE: Issues  with EVAL-AD7294-2SDZ Current Sensor

    Hi Arne,

    There is little or no difference between both parts. The power down mode for the AD7294 is a little different to that of the AD7294-2.

    I spotted an issue with the AD7294-2 Evaluation Board Software source code when I went to take a look. I…

  • AD7294 Thermal Shutdown

    What is the thermal shutdown feature of the AD7294?

  • AD7294 Autocycle Mode

    What should the Auto-cycle mode on the AD7294 be used for?

  • EVAL-AD7294 I2C programming


    On the EVAL-AD7294 we have a CY7C68013-CSP.

    Can I bypass this component and communicate directly with the AD7294 using I2C.

    I like to connect another MCU with this board using the I2C function.

    I need to be sure that I do not damage other components…

  • AD7294 programming


    Is it possible to write an own small application using the EVAL-AD7294 in GNU Octave.

    Any starting points? Information how to do this?




  • AD7294-2


    Can I drive evaluation board AD7294-2 with Arduino Uno? I tried to establish connection on I2C bus without success.

    Thank you in advance,


  • AD7294 Problem

    hi all,

    I had a problem with AD7294 chip.

    1.ADC reading and DAC writing is not correct i mean its not working (ADC 0v(always),DAC 43mV (always))

    2.It was working fine till yesterday since long time of development.

    3.I checked configuring register…

  • AD7294: Seperate internal DAC and ADC reference

    Why does the AD7294 have a seperate internal DAC and ADC reference?

  • Bias control using AD7294

    Do the DAC output of AD7294 used for the bias control of Mosfet devices in power amplifier cause spurious components in its output?

  • Driver for EVAL-AD7294EBZ


    We have a EVAL-AD7294EBZ and tried to install the software on Windows 7. However, the computer cannot find the dirver "AD7294 Evaluation Kit." Therefore, the software cannot connect to the evaluation board. We are wondering if there is any site to…