• AD7291 Temperature reading not stable

    Hi everyone,

    I am reading two AD7291 built-in temperature sensor but I obtain very high values that oscillates 4 Celsius.

    I am reading the two AD7291 using python from a Raspberry. This is the code:


         bus.write_word_data(addr_v, 0x00, 0x8000)

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    On my board there is no AD7291 and iio:device0 is the correct device.

  • RE: How to diagnose a non-responsive AD-FMDADC2 board connected to a Zynq706?

    To Lar's point, the AD7291 on the DAQ2 board should be monitoring most of the voltages on the board.

    running 'osc' and going to the "DMM" tab, and reading all the voltages - might tell us what is going on.


    Sorry -- wrong…


    Ok, so what values are you reading with the AD7291 now? 

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    Only the AD7291 should be powered and accessed by another MCU. What are the jumper configurations?


  • RE: Read operation in AD569x

    Hello Ivan,

    Can you please take a look in:

    ad7291 baremetal example issue 

    Thank you for the assistance,


  • RE: AD7997 kind of ADC that can sample multiple channels after getting a single command

    Hi Jonathan,

    many thanks for your answer! I think the AD7291 is the ideal part here.

    Best regards,

  • RE: Problems recognising the device [ZC706+ADRV9009]

    I do not get errors, but when I tip 'iio_attr -c' it does not return my iio device. Only get ad7291 and xadc devices.

  • AD7291 does what on AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ with AD9361?

    Sorry, I need to fish through more datasheets, but quickly looking at diagrams of the FMCOMMS3-EBZ to FPGA reference builds, it looks like the A/D function is straight from the AD9361 to the FPGA for 12 bit samples.  I don't see where/how the AD7291 comes…

  • RE: What is the advantage of having AD7291BCPZ on FMCOMMS board


    The AD7291 is used as a diagnostic chip monitoring all the voltages on the board. It is used to detect faults and abnormal conditions. It is not required for normal operation of the AD9361.

    - Lars