• AD7291 ALERT pin

    I have a query relating to the ALERT pin of AD7291. I cannot find in the
    datasheet whether this pin is driven by a push-pull driver or whether it is an
    open-collector output? Are you able to combine the ALERT outputs of multiple
  • AD7291 Vref pin

    I am trying to use AD7291. As mentioned in datasheet, if we use internal reference then 2.5 V should appear on Vref pin. But it isn't appearing on Vref. Also, I cannot get an ACK when using I2C interface. What can be the problem?

  • AD7291 Replacement


    In my circuit i would like to monitor also the negative voltage. from what i understand (correct me if I'm wrong) the AD7291 range is between 0 to 2.5V . i mean that if i want to sample -1V i need to invert the voltage to positive. 

    My question…

  • EVAL-AD7291 Setup

    I have received an EVAL-AD7291 board and SDP-B board. I connected them together and plugged in the USB to PC.

    The PC sees the SDP-B in device manager but the AD7219.exe says "No matching system found. Press Rescan to retry or Cancel to abort."…

  • ad7291 baremetal example issue


    I reviewed AD7291 example in:

    AD7291 - Microcontroller No-OS Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    and there is something I misunderstand:

    AD7291_GetVoltageConversionResults() checks the channel mask, but I don't see anywhere in example where that channel…

  • AD7291 intermittent I2C bus lockup.

    I am using the AD7291 8-channel ADC on a 100kHz I2C bus, single master beaglebone black.  It is one of 5 data acquisition chips on the bus.  Another one is the ADXL354 mems accelerometer.

    They all are working perfectly except for the AD7291 which intermittently…

  • AD7291 Temperature reading not stable

    Hi everyone,

    I am reading two AD7291 built-in temperature sensor but I obtain very high values that oscillates 4 Celsius.

    I am reading the two AD7291 using python from a Raspberry. This is the code:


         bus.write_word_data(addr_v, 0x00, 0x8000)

  • AD7291 does what on AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ with AD9361?

    Sorry, I need to fish through more datasheets, but quickly looking at diagrams of the FMCOMMS3-EBZ to FPGA reference builds, it looks like the A/D function is straight from the AD9361 to the FPGA for 12 bit samples.  I don't see where/how the AD7291 comes…

  • Significance of ad7291 and EEPROM in adrv9371 evaluation board


              I was going through reference schematics of ADRV-9371 evaluation board (ADRV9371- Design Package -- SDR Integrated Transceiver Design Resources | Analog Devices ). I came across AD7291 and EEPROM that is connected to ad9371. Please somebody…