• AD7291 ALERT pin

    I have a query relating to the ALERT pin of AD7291. I cannot find in the
    datasheet whether this pin is driven by a push-pull driver or whether it is an
    open-collector output? Are you able to combine the ALERT outputs of multiple
    AD7291 devices…

  • AD7291 I2C bus error in alert

    Our application is 2pcs AD7291 on the I2C bus as slave and MCU as master, AD7291 set up the alarm limit for channel inputs.  Normally AD7291 is working in autocycle mode to monitor if the channel inputs triggered the alarm limit, also MCU will switch  AD7291…

  • M24C02 and AD7291 on the AD9371 evaluation board usage


    We have our new board with AD9371 and an XC7Z045-1FBG676C. We based our design on the AD9371 evaluation board

    We connected the following:

    - M24C02 - E0 to AD7291 AS0

    - M24C02 - E1 to AD7291 AS1

    M24C02 EPROM  AS1 to GND.

    Unfortunately, we forgot to…

  • AD7291 Vref pin

    I am trying to use AD7291. As mentioned in datasheet, if we use internal reference then 2.5 V should appear on Vref pin. But it isn't appearing on Vref. Also, I cannot get an ACK when using I2C interface. What can be the problem?

  • AD7291 intermittent I2C bus lockup.

    I am using the AD7291 8-channel ADC on a 100kHz I2C bus, single master beaglebone black.  It is one of 5 data acquisition chips on the bus.  Another one is the ADXL354 mems accelerometer.

    They all are working perfectly except for the AD7291 which intermittently…

  • AD7291 Replacement


    In my circuit i would like to monitor also the negative voltage. from what i understand (correct me if I'm wrong) the AD7291 range is between 0 to 2.5V . i mean that if i want to sample -1V i need to invert the voltage to positive. 

    My question…

  • EVAL-AD7291 Setup

    I have received an EVAL-AD7291 board and SDP-B board. I connected them together and plugged in the USB to PC.

    The PC sees the SDP-B in device manager but the AD7219.exe says "No matching system found. Press Rescan to retry or Cancel to abort."…

  • ad7291 baremetal example issue


    I reviewed AD7291 example in:

    AD7291 - Microcontroller No-OS Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    and there is something I misunderstand:

    AD7291_GetVoltageConversionResults() checks the channel mask, but I don't see anywhere in example where that channel…

  • RE: AD7291 Temperature reading not stable

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