• AD7280A acknowledgements

    Hallo Community,

    I have setup 5 AD7280A chips daisy-chained on a bord to manage an array of Batteries. It sets up well and can read Conversion Data and so on. But I struggle go get acknowledgments when setting my Balancing registers.

    In my application…

  • RE: AD7280A Vdrive


    Apologies for missing this item. I am not sure if it still relevant to you that this question will be answered, However, we are clearing up some open items in our community and ensure that any query is located on its proper community as others who have…

  • AD7280A

    When  AD7280A detects  static battery voltages, the result is normal, but when the battery power supply circuit works at 10khz, the sampling result is completely wrong. What are the possible reasons?


  • AD7280A

    Hi, I'm a student who has decided to do a final career project building my own BMS with this processor.
    I have followed all the steps of the datasheet and I have already soldered all the components for a BMS of 16 batteries.
    The problem starts with…

  • AD7280A


  • AD7280a software woes

    I am struggling to get data back from an AD7280a. The circuit consists of a single AD7280a monitoring 4 lithium ion cells and 6 thermistors. I am attempting to request a conversion using the rising edge of CS.

    As an example I am attempting to retrieve…

  • AD7280A Power-down mode


    We intend to use AD7280A for monitoring and balancing purpose.

    How are configured ALERT and SDO output signals in Power-Down mode?

    Are there other points on AD7280A to be aware of to make the current leakages as low as possible in power-down mode…

  • AD7280a slaves not working

    I am using ad7280a in demonstration project. I have a custom board with 2 ad7280a ic.

    When initializing ad7280a in Daisy chain , the second device is failing with all zeros response. The master device is working perfectly I am able to read all channels…

  • AD7280A - MCU interfacing


    We are developing a battery management system for our pack. We have studied and analysed about the AD7280A slave evaluation kit (EVAL-AD7280A)

    To analyse the behavior, we have been told to use the EVAL-CED1Z. Our doubt is without using the EVAL…

  • AD7280A Connection Order


    i'm using several AD7280A for implementing a Battery Management system. Is there a standart way of connecting the cells to the AD7280A? For example connecting from the lowest to the highest potential? VSS/V0 -> V6/VDD? Or first VSS/V0 and V6/VDD…