• RE: Please suggest high-speed ADC (5 - 50 MSPS) for sampling AD8318

    From the SAR space I would recommend either the AD7276/77 or the AD7482. The two parts are at 3MSPS, single channel, single ended. The AD7277 is a 10 bit version of the AD7276. The AD7276 is serial whereas the AD7482 is parallel. These are currently  the…

  • interfacing adc with bf592


    can someone give a code for interfacing AD7276 with BF592.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • RE: AD7278 10 SCLK Cycle Serial Interface

    Hi sss,

         The timing specification on table 5 is applicable on AD7276/AD7277/AD7278 unless it is otherwise noted that it is only on a specific part. The T3 which is 4ns(min), although not mentioned on figure 35, it is also applicable in the 10 SCLK Cycle…

  • some problems with AD7278

    Hello Clairel,

                      I noticed that you have taken part in many discussions concerning AD7276. Now I am working on the AD7278 ,and I know from the datasheet"AD7276_7277_7278" that AD7276 and AD7278 are in the same device family,is that right? So I hope I…

  • RE: ADC evaluation board choose

    Hi Yake,

    I have attached a list of some of the ADCs that fit your criteria of 2MSPS sampling rate or higher at resolution of 12bits or more.

    You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search (http://www.analog.com/ps/psthandler…

  • Synchronized Sampling with EVAL-AD7276SDZ


    I have an EVAL-AD7276SDZ evaluation board. I have two R&S SMA100A signal generators. Currently I have one generator providing an input sine wave, and the second generator to supply a synchronized SCLK. I have an additional function generator providing…

  • USB Spectrum Analyser using BF535

    Hello everybody,
    I am trying to compute DFT of the input from an ADC.
    My need is to compute DFT of about 1 megasamples(1 million points).
    I then interpolate the DFT to get the DTFT and then take the appropriate frequency range to get the CTFT.
    I don't know…
  • RE: ADC 12/14BIT, >2mS/S, Parallel digital interface

    Hi Meir,

    You may  want to check the ADI website and do a parametric search to filter the product display  base form your recommended specification.


    Here are some ADCs that might help  you start with, kindly see attched file.

  • spi program for BF592

    Hi All!!

    I wrote a code to interface AD7276 to BF592 via SPORT interface but the code is not working.Can someone help me debug the code.





    #include <sys\exception…

  • RE: ADC used for single-pulse conversion

    Hi Postino,

    Here are some list of ADC that could be suitable for your application. You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search and put in parameters on the ADC that you wanted to search. Please refer to the link below.