• adc analog input resistance (ad7274/ad7276)


    I need to calculate the effective noise figure for the adc's shown above. Therefore I need the analog input resistance to determine full scale power level but it's not given in the datasheet (for other devices, like ad9467, it is). Can anybody…

  • AD7276 missing codes

    I am struggling to understand why our AD7276 fails to resolve data ending in 010 or 101.  
      AD7276 (6 pin version)

      3.3V VCC
      Host processor: Atmel SAMG55 J19
      Host firmware: Atmel ASF 3, SPI through DMA
    Test setup:
      In the examples below, we ran…

  • AD7276 Data Read


    I want to build a circuit like the one below. There is an analog output of transimpedance amplifier. The amplitude of signal is between 0-3.3V, and the pulse width 10 ns. I want to use this analog signal on ADC and comparator input. My goal is to…

  • About AD7276 Timing


    I would like to use AD7276.

    I have three questions about AD7276 Timimg.

    #1  If the falling edge of CS and the rising edge of SCLK are at the same time, is the behavior of AD7276 unstable?

    #2  Given the SPI mode (eg mode 3), should SCLK after 14sclk…

  • AD7276 register configuration


         We are using AD7276 in our project for clock synchronization. I have a doubt on whether AD7276 has to be configured at Power ON or with no configuration required, it starts the conversion process & sends the data as the CS goes low.

  • Issue plotting FFT in matlab using data from EVAL-AD7276


    I am using the
    EVAL-AD7276SDZ-ND and corresponding EVAL-SDP-CB1Z-ND boards.
    I am trying to analyze data from the the board using Matlab however I am unable to get the correct FFT.
    I did a measurement and on the AD7276 software, the following FFT…

  • Clocking on AD7276

    A few questions about the clock input on this device.

    1) is it OK to clock at a slower speed than 48 MHz?  I only need to sample at about 200k SPS instead of 3M SPS and was having problems with glitches at higher clock speeds.  Are there parameters within…

  • LSB Size Datasheet Error - AD7276, AD7278

    In Rev B of the datasheet for the AD7276, AD7277, AD7278 , on page , there is an error within fig 21 where the LSB sizes for the AD7276 and AD7278 is reversed.

    It is properly described in the text above the figure.


  • RE: AD7278 10 SCLK Cycle Serial Interface

    Hi sss,

         The timing specification on table 5 is applicable on AD7276/AD7277/AD7278 unless it is otherwise noted that it is only on a specific part. The T3 which is 4ns(min), although not mentioned on figure 35, it is also applicable in the 10 SCLK Cycle…