• AD7266


    Is there any VHDL/Verilog simulation model for the

    AD7266 , Urgent!

    AD7490 , Urgent!

    ADS7952, Nice-to-have


  • AD7266

    Hi all,

          This is Bhimesh .  I need a linux driver for spi interface for AD7266 part .



  • AD7266 with FPGA

    Hello,I am using AD7266 (little old) to communicate FPGA. In the data sheet I found that the data is clocked out in falling edge of the sclk. I  have used the rising edge for counting 14 sclk  cycles is it correct? help me,

  • BF506F AD7266


      I am working on a relatively simple program that converts an analog input into a duty cycle for an amplifier project.  I am still really new at DSP programming so I started with the AD7266_and_ACM example project for the BF506f ez-kit lite.  However…

  • Query about AD7266

    Dear supporters,

    I have a question about AD7266's sampling and need your help.

    Given a sine wave, a start sampling point with CS, as a trigger to start sampling this sine wave, the output is 12-bit data.

    My concern is which the numeric value of…

  • AD7266 Devicetree Support


    I'm student and study with the same board. Now I have the same question than Garfield from Post 1.

    It is now possible to configure the multiplexer select (A0, A1, A2) over the device tree? I need to use two ad7266 on different SPI-Buses.…

  • AD7266 Erratic Readings

    I have the AD7266 set up with 12 single ended channels, each reading a voltage output from a different resistor divider.  The lower resistors of the dividers are all connected to ground, with the maximum R being about 4Kohms.  Expected value at each divider…

  • Addresss Setup Time on AD7266

    What is the timing spec for the address line setup time to CS on the AD7266?

  • AD7266 Devicetree support for i.MX28


    I'm an German student writing my thesis, it's about an embedded Linux

    controller board with the AD7266 and an i.MX28 SOC.

    I am working on Kernel version 3.6.3-rt9 with devicetree support and the AD7266 connected to SPI3.

    I have a problem…

  • two questions for AD7266

    hi everyone, i have two questions for AD7266


      in the datasheet of  AD7266, it mentioned in  "product highlight" that :The AD7266 offers both a standard 0 V to VREF input range and a 2 × VREF input range

      so, in the case of vdd=3…