• AD7266


    Is there any VHDL/Verilog simulation model for the

    AD7266 , Urgent!

    AD7490 , Urgent!

    ADS7952, Nice-to-have


  • AD7266

    Hi all,

          This is Bhimesh .  I need a linux driver for spi interface for AD7266 part .



  • RE: two questions for AD7266

    hi, thanks

    actually, i want to use two AD7266 in my PCB,

    the first one:

    i want to config the AD7266 in 2vref input range mode,the VDD=3.3V, use interal 2.5V REF,single-ended mode

    in this case, what the convert range of AD7266?

    should it be 0~3…

  • AD7266: noise (glitch) appears on the input signal


    We have a noise problem on the signals input of the AD7266 converter on a prototype card. During each conversion (conversion frequency = 100 KSPS) a glitch appears on the input signal (see the oscilloscope screenshot).

    But the conversion is correct…

  • Is the AD7266 sensitive to SEU (Single Event Upset)?

    Is the AD7266 sensitive to SEU (Single Event Upset)?


    We do not test for SEU type events during the AD7266's qualification phase.
    Therefore, I don’t believe we can provide you with a firm statement on the
    AD7266 sensitivity to SEU…
  • AD7266 Devicetree support for i.MX28


    I'm an German student writing my thesis, it's about an embedded Linux

    controller board with the AD7266 and an i.MX28 SOC.

    I am working on Kernel version 3.6.3-rt9 with devicetree support and the AD7266 connected to SPI3.

    I have a problem…

  • RE: I'm using AD7266, Vdd=3.3V, Vdrive=3.3V,  I need to sample at list 4 channels in 2us,  so can I use a clock greater than 24MHz? H

    Hi ramis,

       The AD7266 performance is guaranteed applying the settings and conditions mentioned in the datasheet. The AD7266 can still use with Vdd=3.3V and clock frequency beyond 24Mhz but there can be difference in the performance compared with that…

  • Addresss Setup Time on AD7266

    What is the timing spec for the address line setup time to CS on the AD7266?