• AD7265 power up mode

    Hello everyone,

    I am using a FPGA for communitcation with AD7265, single ended and 3V3 supply using intern reference voltage 2V5. A0,A1 will be used for channel selecting. A2 will be grounded, as I only have 8 channels.

    The clock frequency is 12.5MHz…

  • RE: AD7265 in a high temperature enviroment

    Thanks Sean. 


    I'll work with you directly on the return process. 


  • ad7265

    i am using the AD7265 with the following configuration:
    range - logic high - vref*2
    single ended
    ref_Select - logic zero - internal vref
    for input of  2.875v in the first channel, I expect to see  decimal value 2365. however, i receive 317 which…
  • AD7265 Quiet Time

    Is it permissible to allow the serial clock SCLK to continue running to AD7265 during the quiet time?


  • Reliability data of AD7265

    When I was looking at the reliability data online, I only see AD7264 or AD7266.


    The process technology of AD7265 is 0.6u CMOS. It can be checked online.
  • AD7265, diagnostic function ?


    Could you please let us know if AD7265 is having self-test or self-diagnose function in it ?

    Or please suggest what is the best way to know whether AD7265 is working well or out-of-orders in general.

    Sorry to this fundamental question but your…

  • AD7265 Fully differential Configuration help


    I would like to use AD7265 in fully diff configuration for data acquisition system.

    I confused on the Differential input range mentioned on the datasheet.

    My requirements are VDD: 5V


    Will i be able to use the same adc for above application…

  • Is there an ibis-file for the AD7265?

    I would like to simulate the digital lines of the ad7265 and I need a model which describes the high-speed-behaviour of the digital I/O-Pins.

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  • ad7265芯片B通道无法使用


  • AD7265, conversion results of both/either ADC can not get properly in one Dout line.


    We are facing the issue of AD7265, when intend to read both ADC data on one Dout line, as shown in Figure 42 of datasheet,

    reading result is unstable, in other words, sometimes(maybe around 30~50%) both data are successful,

    but either of them…