• AD725: Loss of voltage level

    Customer described a measured loss of voltage level: 59 IRE(421mV) instead of
    100 IRE(714mV) within the data information
    of the pattern.
    Customer refered to the datasheet and remarks on page 5, figure 3.
    Could you please clarify the…
  • AD725: NTSC min/max bandwidth

    We are using the AD725 in the following way:
    RGB to composite video in NTSC mode.
    Temperature: -40 degr.C to +85 degr.C
    We need to know the actual bandwidth,because we got an requirement from our
    customer witch are: The video bandwidth…
  • AD725 evaluation board capacitor type

    Datasheet recommends putting 0.1 uF capacitors onto the RGB inputs.

    Evaluation board uses 1000 pF.

    According to my analysis of the datasheet and experience AD725 inputs are DC-biased. This means that MLCC caps must be used with caution. While you may say…

  • ADV3201 and AD725 interface


    ADV3201 output is interfaced to AD725 input.

    In datasheets of ADV3201 and AD725 both mentioned 75ohm shunt resistance at output and input respectively.

    Whether is it required the 75ohm shunt resistance both the ends?



  • AD725 black level


    We need to convert PAL RGB to CVBS PAL.

    I need an info:

    From datasheet of AD 725 I see that typical black level is 0.8V, but my video signal is PAL standard one, from 0 to 700mV. It can be a problem?



  • ADV7393 and AD725 Interface


    I'm working with ADV7393 and AD725 for RGB to Y/C video output.

    During the design phase i thought the sync pulse is comes only on Green(G) color input signal.

    So i stripped the sync pulse by using the AD8062 only on green color and feed to…

  • AD725 - Monitor Display Issue


    The RGB to Composite video is generated by using AD725.

    The composite output is displayed when the output is connected to SONY (PVM-14M4E) monitor.

    But there is no display when the output is connected to SONY (LMD-1530W) monitor.

    Please suggest…

  • AD725 Vertical rolling problem


    I'm currently using AD725 to convert video from VGA to PAL. I've generate Hsync and Vsync signals specific to PAL signal generation in VHDL but i'm now having a problem with vertical rolling. In other words, when i send a test pattern, some lines…

  • AD725 wrong color problem

    Website does not allow me to post question here, it is classified as spam and abuse.

    Here's the original question: electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/442310/ad725arz-wrong-colors

    I can not find what is wrong with the circuit; and last resort is…

  • AD725 wrong color on output


    I'm working with AD725 for a while now and I have a problem with color outputs.

    I displayed only Red images, then Green, then BLUE.

    Blue appears to be blue, Red is Magenta and Green is Cyan.

    So it seems that blue is always displayed.

    I tested…