• AD725: Loss of voltage level

    Customer described a measured loss of voltage level: 59 IRE(421mV) instead of
    100 IRE(714mV) within the data information
    of the pattern.
    Customer refered to the datasheet and remarks on page 5, figure 3.
    Could you please clarify the obvious discrepancy…

  • AD725: NTSC min/max bandwidth

    We are using the AD725 in the following way:
    RGB to composite video in NTSC mode.
    Temperature: -40 degr.C to +85 degr.C
    We need to know the actual bandwidth,because we got an requirement from our
    customer witch are: The video bandwidth shall be…

  • AD725 oscillator options


    I want to use AD725 and made circuit to automatically detect NTSC and PAL, so that after that it will feed correct crystal oscillator to AD725.

    I have 2 options:

    1- get 2 oscillators, feed them through SPDT analog switch and make the circuit…

  • AD725 RGB to Composite Video Converter Issue

    Hi !

    I am using AD725 for converting RGB analog video to composite video. I am providing my personal PC output to the input pins of AD725 but the result that I am getting is 3 frames in one picture (Picture of the composite video monitor is attached)…

  • RE: Can the AD72x (AD723, AD724, AD725) handle progressive video?


     As per specification, AD725 requires interlaced RGB on its inputs & AD723/4/5 do not perform any advanced video processing, So its interlaced to interlaced.

    Note: AD725 can be used to convert the analog RGB output from a personal computer’s VGA…

  • AD725

    Dear support team

    From one of my customers: 

    We have used the AD725 to convert PC VGA to composite analog PAL video.

    This design is based on AD725 data sheet schematic (page 12).

    It seems that the PC is output a VGA non-interlace data , so this device…

  • Recommended inductor for Y-TRAP of AD725

    Inductor devices do have more properties than just an inductance.

    Datasheet, evaluation board document and other resources I find on the internet do not give any idea other than 68 uH inductance. Here's a pic of possibly well performing inductor:

  • AD725 evaluation board capacitor type

    Datasheet recommends putting 0.1 uF capacitors onto the RGB inputs.

    Evaluation board uses 1000 pF.

    According to my analysis of the datasheet and experience AD725 inputs are DC-biased. This means that MLCC caps must be used with caution. While you may say…

  • AD725 outputs wrong colors

    I designed device based on AD725ARZ. Device is built basing on the reference circuit diagram on page 12.

    TV is connected to **composite output of the circuit**. It does not have S-video input, thus no way to test the S-video image (at least for now).