• AD724

    Currently we are applying the AD724   RGB to NTSC/PAL encoder.
    The schematic is from the data sheet page 11.
    Now our production is faced with oscillator start up problems.
    About 20% of the IC's have oscillator start up problems.

    The Xtal we…

  • AD724: Crystal advice

    Can I place a simple parallel crystal between FIN and GND or is the "CRYSTAL"
    box (Data Sheet, Fig.16) just a blackbox for some circuit? do you have any
    suggestions, which crystal (type, manuf.) can be used?


    Yes. It is a simple quartz…

  • Can the AD72x (AD723, AD724, AD725) handle progressive video?

    The datasheets contain statements like

    ...the AD72x requires interlaced RGB video and clock rates that are consistent with those required by the television standards.


    ...the RGB output scanning must be interlaced and at the proper scanning frequencies…

  • AD724 with 3.3v


    can I run AD724 with 3.3v only, not 5v?


  • AD724 Phase Lock External Subcarrier for PAL


    The datasheet for the AD724 video encoder lists as a feature:

    • Phase lock to external subcarrier

    It is indeed possible to lock to an external NTSC composite video signal, if a clock is synchronized to the colourburst and provided to the AD724 FIN…

  • ADV7120 & AD724


    In a project I need to convert XGE 60Hz video format RGB (8 bits for each color) into a PAL (576i).

    It is possible using the combo ADV7120 and AD724? in particular I am interested in understanding the state of these device (they are not reccomended…

  • RE: AD724 interlaced RGB at 50Hz, Timing and waveform Specifications

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD724 with subcarrier frequency lock


    I would like to generate CVBS with the AD724 or AD725, with the colour subcarrier locked to an existing video signal, for an OSD application. Is this possible?

    I'm thinking to use an MC44144 to lock to the colourburst, then buffer the 4FSC output…

  • RE: ADV7125 & AD724


    I've asked an expert on AD724 to come comment.