• AD7195 SPI code

    Hi, I'm trying to connect ADuC847's SPI port to the AD7195 precision ADC. Is there any sample code for AD7195? There isn't any info about coding sequence for AD7195 in data sheet.

  • RE: AD7194 output code is half of what is expected?

    I asked, and answered a similar question with the AD7195 - maybe of use?

    AD7195 - why is zero offset value 0x80000?

  • AD7195

    Do the Offset and FullScale registers have any effect on data readings, or are they storage only?

  • what to replace with "FET" in EVAL-AD1795


    I have to produce a new pcb shedule  with ad7195  instead of ad7730. In the
    evaluation board EVAL-AD7195 are recommended as Q1,Q4 and  Q2,Q7 for FET BSH112  and BSH201.
    These FET, however, are obsolete.

    Can you advise me other fet in place of those…

  • AD7730 Replacement - AD7195

    What part would you recommend in place of the AD7730?


    There is no direct replacement, but the AD7195 could be used in place of the
    AD7730. It supports ac and dc excitation. The AD7195 is lower noise and lower
    current than the AD7730…
  • RE: about AD7195 Evaluation software

    Hi Tarzan,

    The Evaluation Software for AD7195 can support Win 7 32/64-bit systems.

    Please find the software in the following link: AD7195 Evaluation Software.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  • RE: ad7195 device initialization and read data

    Looks better:

    it reads 0x6 as device ID which is right for AD7195, but causes this error since you specify AD7192 in your devicetree.

    Please use

    compatible = "ad,ad7195";

    This should fix the problem.


  • RE: What is the architecture of the gain stage on the AD719x family

    Hi, Jellenie

    I use AD7195 for low livel voltage mesurements, it works well, but I want to increase the sensitivity. I want to use a AD717x family and for it it is necessary to select a driver. The AD7195 (PGA with gain 128) has good noise parameters…

  • AD7195: Input impedance in buffered mode

    I am using the AD7195 in buffered mode.
    I need to know the input impedance between the AIN+ AIN- inputs.
    In the data sheet is only written that is high. But which is (more or less) its
    value ?


    With the buffer of the AD7195…
  • Operating environment of AD7195 evaluation board software


    I tried to install AD7195 evaluation board software to my pc, win7.

    that software download from following address.


    The installation was finished but I can't find the program…