• AD7194 Odd Behavior

    I'm confused by the behavior of my AD7194.

    I have the following configuration:
    - Channel to be measured at AIN1
    - 2.5V reference voltage at AIN9
    - 4.1V reference voltage at REFIN1(+)
    - GND at REFIN1(-)

    I have this configuration due to a separate upstream…

  • interfacing multiple ad7194

    helloo all,

    iam interfacing two AD7194 adc's to a single microcontroller using spi interface. And i use the same chip select pin from the microcontroller to select the two adc's using a MUX. And the steps for reading the data from the adc inc…

  • AD7194输入问题



  • AD7194地线问题


  • Recommended update over AD7194

    I'm selecting an ADC for an application measuring seven resistive load cells, using an amplifier gain of 128, in sequence (aiming for an individual rate of about 420 Hz, for a combined sample rate of 60 Hz). I've been using an AD7194 for prototyping,…

  • Looking for AD7194 No-Os driver


    I have been searching AD7194 No-Os driver to interface it with my MCU...Unfortunately, I did not get anything in its name...So, could someone point me where it is?



  • OS for AD7194 Evaluation board


    I tried to use AD7194 Evaluation board with 62bits Windoews7, but the driver of evaluation board can not be installed.

    What kind of OS can be used for this evaluation board?

    Best regards,


  • AD7194 data register read problem


       I am using AD7194 in pseudo differential mode.I have used AIN1 channel.

    I have set configuration register as 04B018 and mode register as 280060.I have given a .5 V voltage input to AIN1. But when I try to read the data register ,I am getting ffff…

  • Ad7194 over voltage at input

    I accidentally gave over voltage at one of the input pins of the adc.But some channels of the chip respond correctly when I do a configuration register read and some returns 0xffffff. And the ic respond correctly when i read ID register.How i know the…

  • AD7194 measured value double expected value

    I am using an AD7194 as slave to an Atmel Atmega128 uC. I have a 4.096V reference tied to REFIN1(+), and GND tied to REFIN1(-)

    After powerup, I send the AD a reset: 0xFFFFFFFFFF

    Then I send this to the config register: 0x00E900

    That should set ref to…