• AD7193 Temp measurement in unipolar mode.

    I am using a channel on the AD7193 in unipolar mode. I want to add a temp measurement to the channel sequencer (i.e. enable the channel sequencer and add the temp channel).

    When I do this, I get very strange data, especially given the equation in the…

  • AD7193读取内部温度总是数据异常的大


  • AD7193 Data Rate


    My name is Florian and I'm working for a drone engineering company.

    I just made a PCB by using the AD7193 ADC with a straints gauge to measure the thrust of a dron, and an ATmega328p to convert the SPI data from the ADC to I2C for an other…

  • ad7193 linux驱动读取ID错误


    ad7192 spi0.0: device ID query failed (0x3)



    ad_sd_read_reg(&st->sd, AD7192_REG_STAT, 1, &id);          //读到 STAT=0x81

    ad_sd_read_reg(&st->sd, AD7192_REG_MODE…

  • AD7193 Supply Voltage & Reference

    SCHEMATIC1 _ PAGE1.pdf


    Please find attached figure.

    I have used REFIN2 by setting REFSEL=1.

    As shown in fig. 3.3V supply is connected to AVDD & REFIN1 is tied to AVDD. Fig. shows Inductor L is connected in series. Instead of L if I Connect Resistor…

  • RE: LabVIEW source code for EVAL-AD7193

    Hello Jellenie R

    Would i be able to get the Labview example code for the AD7193 ?

    Cant see any attachment here...



  • Interrupt driven SPI for AD7193


    I have started with Soft Implemented SPI for AD7193  & its working fine.

    But now i have added communication facility which is interrupt base.

    Since the ADC is not interrupt driven some samples get corrupted because of high priority interrupt…

  • RE: AD7193 Accuracy Issues...

    Hello mam,

    With respect to above post now i am facing another issue...

    I want to measure this 13mV differential signal proportional to velocity....

    When i apply input from simulator i get stable result but now i am going to test it with actual velocity…

  • RE: AD7193 Differential channel reading zero

    Hi Alex,

    Just got to the verification of the issue today. All the channel works now!!!!!. I changes the Differential channel macros as mentioned above.Thank for your help.


  • ad7193 device tree with raspberry pi confiuration

    Hey Guys,

    So i have established communication with ad7193 using raspberry pi and device tree.This is my device tree parting fragment and options available in the ad7193

    So I'm not sure how or where to configure or change gain in the options available…