• AD7193 + Arduino Tutorial - Thermocouple measurements

    The AD7193 is 4 channel sigma-delta ADC, which is handy for sensor measurement applications - particularly sensors that generate a very small voltage that needs to be measured.  Examples include thermocouples and bridge-type sensors (such as load cells).  This…

  • CN0287 limitations due to common SPI lines (AD5201 & AD7193)

    How to communicate with AD5201 on CN0287 ?
    - Enable and pull down P3 output on AD7193 is done
    - Send data via SPI to AD5201 (SPI bus shared with AD7193)
    - next step should be: Release or pull up P3 output on AD7193, but it is
    possible without error…



    The load current is measured by the shunt resistor using AD7193. We observed an AD value of 0xffffff under no load at the site. After that, when a load current of 10A is passed through the returned device, an AD value of about 8A is observed. The…

  • Multiple AD7193 connection and programming suggestion

    Hi ,I am using MCU and ADC to build a datalogger for a seismometer.I choose Arduino Mega2560 for MCU and Pmod AD5 for ADC.I have found examples made by Annem (github.com/.../AD7193) and I can read voltage data.

    The problem now is that the seismometer sensor…

  • RE: AD7193


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  • RE: AD7193采样电压范围


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  • RE: AD7193数据读取


  • AD7193 offset and zero-scale register.


    Although conversion is started and data is read periodically, it is safe to put the offset and zero-scale register of AD7193 once a minute for safety by putting them in between. ?

    thank you.

  • AD7193 CPOL CPHA

    Hello everyone,

    Can I change the CPOL and CPHA of the AD7193?