• AD7193

    I am following the tutorial example for temperature measurement that is posted, AD7193+Arduino Tutorial - T/C Measurements. All connections are according to the information in tutorial, sketch  uploads and serial information is displayed indicating communication…

  • AD7193 sclk

    Right now I am interfacing Pmod AD5 (which has a AD7193 chip) with a FPGA board. I am new to this and don't really know much about it.

    I am writting a verilog code. I have read the datasheet of AD7193 as well as of Pmod AD5. I have gone through the…

  • AD7193 CPOL CPHA

    Hello everyone,

    Can I change the CPOL and CPHA of the AD7193?


  • AD7193 driver?


    Does a Linux driver for the AD7193 exist at all?  I see drivers for the AD7190, AD7192, AD7194, AD7195, but not the AD7193. 

    If it doesn't exist, is there a particular driver that I could modify in order to get it to work?

  • AD7193 Continuous Read

    Hi everyone,

    Pretty new here. Im currently working on a project that requires ADC to fPGA communication and am having trouble understanding the continuous read function of the chip. Quick breakdown of what I'm using:

    • NI myRio-1900 evaluation…
  • AD7193 Calibration issues


    I have been having issues getting the AD7193 to calibrate.

    I try to write the following  to the AD7193, waiting for a return to low on the Dout/RDY line after each write


    ADCWrite(0x10000157); // (10) write to config register…

  • Preamplifier before the AD7193

    I need to add some filtering and preamplification before passing the signal to an AD7193 ADC with PGA. I was initially considering the use of a fully-differential amplifier with RC filtering but it's probably preferable the use of an instrumentation…

  • AD7193 Data Rate


    My name is Florian and I'm working for a drone engineering company.

    I just made a PCB by using the AD7193 ADC with a straints gauge to measure the thrust of a dron, and an ATmega328p to convert the SPI data from the ADC to I2C for an other…

  • AD7193 calibration issues

    I am interfacing Pmod AD5 form Digilent which has a AD7193 chip in it with FPGA. To start with, I have successfully written to the mode and configuration register and read back the values of these registers. I have also tested the ADC by giving some constant…

  • AD7193 Calibration issues



    First I am doing the reset on AD7193. Then I do the following

    i)write x80 to communcation register

    ii)write x080010 to Mode register

    iii)write x10 to communication register

    iv)write x000110 to Configuration regi…