• RE: AD7190 Arduino library?


    I think that you can use the driver for AD7193, the parts look similar enough: https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/no-OS/tree/master/drivers/ad7193


  • RE: I'd like to use ADAU1772 and AD7193 on our new product,but I can't find the spice model of them in official website.

    Hi lilyl,

    What about the ADAU1772 and AD7193 are you trying to simulate?

    I'm not aware of any SPICE models for the ADAU1772 or AD7193.

    If you are interested, you can visit Virtual Eval for a behavioral model of the AD7193.


  • RE: AD7193 Driver with Raspberry Pi

    the AD7192 driver supports 4 ADCs : AD7190, AD7192, AD7193 & AD7195;

    so, you need to use that driver for AD7193 as well ;

  • RE: AD5678 and AD7193: Problem while using simultaneously.

    Hi Mahendra,

    is CS of the AD7193 high when you write to the DAC. Is it possible that the data being written to the DAC is also being loaded to the config register of the AD7193?  Are other registers of the AD7193 corrupted (mode register, etc)?


  • RE: CN0287: Isolated 4-Channel, Temperature Measurement Circuit


    Is there any reference on how the CN0287 demonstration software is using / configuring the AD7193? Specifically, it is not clear how the AD7193 should be configured for the different sensor types. Could someone write a brief description such as…

  • How many AD719x can be driven from one AD719x master clock output?

    I am designing a high channel count data acquisition system with the AD7193 as the backbone.  I would like to know how many AD7193s can be driven by the master clock from one AD7193.  On a previous project I used 4 on the same serial bus.  Now i would like…

  • RE: Interrupt driven SPI for AD7193


    Apologies. We do not have specific code for this specific type of microcontroller. However, we do have a generic driver for AD7193 that you can use a starting point. Please see link below. Hope this helps.


  • AD7193 QSPI communication


    Is it available AD7193 communicate to  MCU which has 1 port QSPI and 16/32 bit word length?

    Because of my customer try to using this kind of MCU which communicate with AD7193.

    I couldn't find how to use QSPI of AD7193 in the datasheet.


  • RE: AD7193 - Incorrect gain after calibration



          This looks weird. If you haven't applied reset after power up, I recommend you perform reset after powering the AD7193. This ensures that the on chip registers are reset or default state. Then you can run the usual routine that you have. By the…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7191 Labview drivers

    Hi Jesper,

    I don't have an available Labview driver for AD7191 but I have attached though, a LabView sample code for AD7193 which you might find helpful. Though AD7193 differ from AD7191( the fact that AD7191 is pin programmable and doesn't need registers…