• RE: What is AD7190 minimum AVDD voltage? The data sheet shows 4.75Vdc.  Can I use 3.3Vdc as AVDD if I am using 2.5Vdc reference?


    The evaluation board is used for AD7190 and AD7192 part. The AD7192 can operate from 3V to 5.25V. So the option for 3.3V is for AD7192 part.



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  • RE: AD7193 Driver with Raspberry Pi

    the AD7192 driver supports 4 ADCs : AD7190, AD7192, AD7193 & AD7195;

    so, you need to use that driver for AD7193 as well ;

  • RE: ADA2200 Question

    Dear brianharrington,

    I have a question about the ADA2200 ask you.

    Single-chip ADA2200 lock amplification, followed by AD7192, in order to reject output spurs
    that are created at evenmultiples of PSD, set the AD7192 output data rate is equal to the…

  • RE: What order has the delta sigma converter in AD7192 ?

    Hi Kenneth43,

    The AD7192 uses a fourth order modulator. The filter is either sinc3 or sinc4 - you can choose which option to use via the SINC3 bit.

    The AD7192 uses standard sinc3 and sinc4 filters. Review the excel file on the AD7192 product page …

  • AD7192 analog inputs (AIN1 ... AIN 4) current flow out problem

    I am facing AD7192 analog inputs (AIN1 ... AIN 4) current flow out problem.

    The attachment is my ADC schematic design. The ADC SPI pins are controlled by Altera CPLD.

    May I know why there's current flow out from analog inputs from AD7192? I using default…

  • AD7192 : the accuracy  of the current generator

    Hi,  i have one question about AD7192.

    The AD7192 contains two 500 nA constant current generators. What is their accuracy?

  • RE: AD7192 x2 and x4 gain


         The AD7192 can still function at  gain of 2 and 4. When Vref is 2.5V, the AD7192 does not guarantee to meet the specification at gain 2 and 4. These gains are not specified on the datasheet.



  • RE: AD7192 driver install problem


    Yes, that is correct. Make sure that you have this patch staging: iio: adc: ad7192: Added devicetree support. · analogdevicesinc/linux@447e706 · GitHub, which enables devicetree support for the ad7192, in your tree.

    - Lars