• AD7192 Register Access on ADA2200 Eval, CN0371 Eval, AD7192 Eval

    Hello All,

    We have been trying to test the ADA2200 in conjunction with the AD7192 in the CN0371 LVDT Signal Conditioning Circuit reference design.  This circuit is exactly what we'd like to replicate. 

    In this process of evaluating the CN0371 design…

  • RE: [AD7192] SPI communicate issue


    1. The minimum SCLK depends on your target ODR while the maximum SCLK is 5MHz. I suggest you go to our Virtual Eval Tool to see the recommended SCLK for your configuration. 

    Virtual Eval | Analog Devices

    2. Yes, the interface operates in SPI Mode 3…

  • AD7192


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  • [AD7192] SPI communicate issue


    We have some question about using AD7192

    1. What's the min and max SPI SCLK frequency could support?  

    2. Which CPOL and CPHA (for clock polarity and phase)  mode on SPI AD7192?

        We view datasheet, it seems CPOL =1 and CPHA=1)

        Is that right?

    3. Is…

  • AD7192 Calibration

    Hi Team,

    I am working on AD7192 ADC amplifier and able to read the ADC data for differential input sensor.

    Read the calibration coefficients in zero and full scale calibration mode but now can anyone suggest how to proceed further by using those values…

  • AD7192 source impedance

    The datasheet of the AD7192 states that you could use the inputs both buffered as unbuffered.

    As I have a sensor (which will be used in a quarter wheatstone bridge configuration) with a nominal resistance of several kOhm (could be 30 kOhm) I was wondering…

  • AD7192 Problem

    Dear Sir,

    I am interfacing AD7192 with ATMEGA16 through SPI communication.It have no problem,working well.I am using the same code for interfacing AD7192 with ATMEGA64(changing only the SPI pins).But the output not came from the AD7192 Dout pin.configuration…

  • EVAL-AD7192

    Please teach me about EVAL-AD7192.


    I checked EVAL-AD7192 on the following the condition.

    J2 15/16 Open

    R17 Open


    I think that DVDD is no power supply by Evaluation board schematic.

    But,the potential difference between AGND and DVDD is 2.5V.

  • Beginner with AD7192

    Hi guys, I'm selecting suitable ADC for my application.

    I need to sample 3 segnals at 100 or 200 SPS.

    All signals are 2,5 ±2V but (if possible) I would like set ADC fullscale also for 2,5 ±1V and 2,5 ±0,5V, so I selected AD7192 even if not simultaneous…