• Having trouble operating AD7191 device...

    Hello I am Chungmin Han, currently a graduate student in Seoul National University, South Korea.

    I am developing a simple pcb using AD7191 to acquire bio-signals and facing several problems so I was hoping I could get

    some advice on this. (fascinated…

  • AD7191 Evaluation labview drivers

    Are there Labview drivers now available for the AD7191 evaluation board?

  • EVAL-AD7191 Labview drivers


    Are there Labview drivers available for the AD7191 evaluation board?

    Br Jesper Nilsson

  • AD7191 alternatives for surge testing.

    Hello. We've been using AD7191 as main ADC in weighing scales products for years, and all went successfully through EMI and surge homologation.

    It worked fine for years, but lately we've been receiving an increasing number of complaints related with…

  • AD7191 reverse input signal polarity

    Dear Sirs,

    My customer is evaluating ADC AD7191 for weight scale application.

    The ADC operates together with load cell. While they feed an input signal of 10mV to the differential input of ADC (it is equal to placing a weight on scales) the device starts…

  • Having troubles with pin DOUT/ RDY     AD7191


    My customer have troubles with AD7191 pin DOUT/RDTY

    Information from datasheet:

    DOUT/RDY operates as a data ready pin, going low to indicate the completion of a conversion. If the data is not read after the conversion, the pin goes high before…

  • 4 x AD7191 at single SPI bus

    Is it possible to put AD7191 onto the single SPI bus (using PDOWN pin as ~C~S)?

  • AD7190/AD7191, questions for input and PGA inside


    We are now studying AD7190 and AD7191 to be receiving differential voltage output from magnetoresistive current sensor.

    So far, AD8421 instrumentation amp is used for the purpose, but considering to ADC integration, AD7190/AD7191 may become a good…

  • RE: AD1791 Reference polarity

    Hi, Koen.

    Yes, AD7191 and AD7195 belongs to the same AD719x family and must have the same in some specifications. However, the AD7195 has an additional AC excitation feature which AD7191 doesn't have. This extra feature makes the AD7195 capable of ac…

  • RE: What is the ESD rating for the AD719x?

    AD7190, AD7195: HBM Model Pass Level: 1.0 kV, FICDM Model Pass Level: 250 V.

    AD7191: HBM Model Pass Level: 2.0 kV, FICDM Model Pass Level: 750 V.

    AD7192, AD7193, AD7194: HBM Model Pass Level: 2.0 kV, FICDM Model Pass Level: 500 V (all pins), 750 V …